Oblivion Dream
by C. S. Raine (aka battousai24)

Will the flowers bloom in the spring of my unconscious heart?
Pink blossoms, white lilies, and black roses,
all in a wedding bouquet for the funeral
Wake me up when no one cares
'Til no one cares, I slumber
Killing time, release my passion
Show me the truth and teach me wisdom
Reveal my true nature: the beast within
We'll burn as we fall,
like the stars of hope and wishful thinking
Merge ourselves into the poison of the dagger death
Will you kiss my eyes like the sandman did last night?
All this as the flowers do wither
during the autumn of dry and crisp leaves,
preparing the earth for the cold of winter
And as the snow falls, the sting reaches the soul
And you, and I, forevermore, vanish into still air
of my endless oblivion dream.