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I opened the door to the restaurant and saw my manager coming towards me. Crap. Quickly straightening myself out I gave a small smile.

"Miss. Delancy," My Manager stated, "You are fifteen minutes late." I hung my head and gave a pathetic nod. Oh please don't fire me, please don't fire me. "But this is the first time, so you're off the hook." As soon as those words came out of his mouth, my head shot up and a big smile appeared on my face.

"Thank You, Sir. I'm sorry about being late; my brothers came home from College." My Manager nodded thoughtfully. "I understand. Now get to work."

I quickly made my way to the kitchen and grabbed the notepad and pen. Glancing at the chart, I noted that I was assigned tables 7-14. I could tell the restaurant was busy today by the way the chef was feverishly cooking. Taking a deep breath, I made my way out the door.

"Order up! Ravioli, Spring Pasta, and three Florentine soups. Table 4!" I shouted, for about the fiftieth time today. It was only 8, and the restaurant was already packed. I grabbed water from the fridge and took a long gulp.

"Amelia, you have new people at Table 7." Don, another waiter called to me. I sighed and nodded in thanks. I tied my hair in a high pony tail, and my bangs fell over my eyes. I opened the doors that led to the Dining room and took my note pad out of my pocket.

Getting to Table 7, I realized there were two teenagers there. A boy and a girl, they looked about my age. "Hello, my name is Amelia; I'll be your waiter for the night. What can I get you today?"

The girl had golden brown, curly hair that reached her shoulder, brown eyes, and a heart shaped-face. Her hair was damp though, I wonder what happened. She must have caught me looking at her hair because she gave a small laugh. "I'm sorry, my brother and I both went to swim practice before this. I thought I had my hair blow-dried." Her voice was soft and happy. I swear, I knew her from some-where.

Swim Team, oh the memories. You see, I was on a swim team when I was 12/13 years old. I quit shortly after because of my Grandma's health. But oh I loved Swimming, It was just so relaxing and the competition was wild. I did remember having a best friend there. She was the best, Addison. We didn't go to the same school, so after I quit, we lost contact of each other. I remember those days, the days in which I was careless and happy.

"May we please get two Florentine soups, spring pasta, and some Mushroom Ravioli?" The boy's deep voice broke me out of thought. I quickly nodded and wrote down the order.

"And What Do you want to drink?" I asked them, studying their faces. The boy had a Hard, chiseled face. He had gray eyes, and short, brown hair. He was pretty cute. Oh god, Amelia. Do you really want another repeat of what happened the last time you had a boyfriend? The thought of him brought tears swimming into my eyes. I fought against them though, and won.

"Excuse Me, Are you alright?" The girl looked into my eyes. They looked so familiar. I just nodded and gave an embarrassed laugh. "Yes, I'm sorry, I'm just being stupid. Now uhm, what would you like to drink?" These people were so nice, they didn't know me, but yet they held concern for me.

"Uhm, A Sprite and a Coke, please." The boy was studying my face carefully. I probably scared them with my tears, stupid, stupid. I resisted the urge to slap my forehead and made my way to the kitchen. As soon as I told the chef the order, I made a bee-line for the bathroom and locked the stall door shut behind me. The tears that were threatening to spill before were now flowing freely.

"Oh stop it Amelia." I muttered to myself in between sobs, "You can't go on like this. This is just too much, I can't handle this anymore!" I was hysterical by now. And I'm sure my make-up was running.

The bathroom door opened and I heard some rustling. "Hello?" It was the girl from Table 7. I tried to cease my sobs, but failed miserably. She must have heard them since in a couple quick steps; she was standing outside my bathroom stall. "Hello, my name is Addison. Are you by any chance Amelia Delancy?" Something in my mind clicked as I heard her name, and I quickly unlocked the door and hugged my long missed best-friend from swimming.

Addison chuckled and hugged me back, "I guess that's a yes." She pulled away from me and as soon as she saw my face, a wave of worry and sadness passed through her happy tear-filled brown eyes. "What happened to you, Nelia?" I smiled at my nickname and leaned against the stall door as soon as I remembered what I was crying about.

I sighed and the tears returned, trickling down my cheeks. Addison looked at me, a frown pulling her lips down. I took a shaky breath and ran a hand through my messed up hair. "It's a long story, and I have to work. I don't know what my manager will say. I came to the bathroom about ten minutes ago." My voice broke at the end, and a thoughtful look passed over Addison's face. "Nelia, tell your manager that your sick. Just follow my lead." I was about to protest, but Addison grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom.

"But Addie, my make-up! It's smeared all over my face and my hair is a haystack!" I protested, trying to get her to halt and get distracted. But it didn't help; she just kept dragging me along. "Well then, it'll convince him even more!" She replied happily. I just sighed and rolled my eyes, this was the same Addison I met about six years ago.

We arrived by the kitchen doors and I pushed them open, hoping that my manager would be gone. But I soon realized that I was out of luck, he was in the kitchen. I walked up to him and tried to place the words correctly before I spoke them, but Addison spoke for me. "Excuse Me Sir, Amelia isn't feeling well at all. I was wondering if she could take the night off, and I could drive her home." My manager eyed the smeared make-up on my face, and my messed up hair and eventually nodded. "Alright, Miss. Delancy, this is the first sick day off and your always working and on time." I tried to thank him, but my words were cut off as Addison dragged me through the door and towards her brother, who I think was named Ashton.

He frowned as soon as he saw the way I looked. Oh god, I'm meeting a cute boy and I look like I just got out of bed. Did I just say cute?! No I could NOT be falling for him.

"Ashton!" Addison called, ha; I knew that was his name, "You remember Amelia, from swim team a couple years ago?" Ashton's eyes lit up at the sound of my name.

"Amelia!" He exclaimed. "What happened to you? You were such a good swimmer, and you really liked it." My eyes filled with wet moisture but I did not dare let them spill. "Let's go on a nice night walk to the park!" Addison broke the silence and pushed us out of the restaurant.

"Addie! My make-up!" I pointed a finger to my face but Addison just laughed. "Jeez, take a chill pill, Nelia. It's night, and no one will see you." She stated it as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. I thought for a second and then spoke again. "Alrighty then, what about my car? And your's? I'm sure that you didn't walk here."

Addison just rolled her eyes at me, "Oh chill Pookie, We'll walk to the park and walk back. It's not far and we'll get back to our cars." I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest, pouting like a 2-year old. Ashton, who was walking next to us, was watching with an amused expression. We walked out into the chilly night air and I shivered a little.

"Amelia, do you want a jacket?" Ashton eyed the goose-bumps on my arms. I was about to protest, but he was already jogging to his car for a jacket. I just closed my mouth shut and wrapped my arms around myself. It was summer here, but in an ocean- state like New Jersey, the day was warm and the night tended to be a little chilly.

I heard feet pounding on the sidewalk and turned to see Ashton holding a jacket for me. "Oh Thank you very much." I put the jacket on, and the sleeves were too long for me. By the look of it, It was Ashton's jacket. I sniffed the collar and got hit with a sent of Cologne and Coffee. It smelled so good, and I was warm and comfy inside it. We continued walking in peaceful silence for a while.

"Alright Nelia, you promised you'd tell us the story. We want to know why our Pookie bear went missing. We missed you, A LOT. Especially Cynthia and Michael. You know how much they loved you. We all did, and still do." A sad and pained look shot across Addison's face while Ashton nodded sadly in agreement. I hesitated and nodded.

Cynthia and Michael, Addison's wild, younger siblings. I missed them all so much. "All right, But lets sit down on the bench over there, it's a long story."


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