A Lullaby of Love


Whoever you may be, I wish you goodnight.

Whoever you are, sleep safely, all right.

Whatever your name, turn out your light,

Place your head on your pillow, and sleep tonight.


If you have no pillow, no house, no light,

I you have no one to hold, no comfort in sight,

If the weather is cold and nothing is right,

Place your head on your heart and sleep tonight.


There are others quite like you on this cold, lonely night—

Others without love, pillow or light,

Others around who share in your plight,

People with no place to place their head tonight.


Wherever you may be, where naught is alright;

Whoever you are, who has no good night;

Whatever your name, who has no name to sight;

I wish you alright; I wish you goodnight.

You are not forgotten but loved,

With a place in my heart tonight.