"An Intriguing, Most Peculiar Find"


More rare than diamonds,

Of sweet and silver karat;

More arcane than any magic

From any shore or time;


More illusive than the Sasquatch

Or some nocturnal urban myth;

More mysterious than a mystery

Lost in ages of decay;


As unknown as that yet uncharted underworld,

But as sweet as milk and honey;

As lost to every modern hand

As Atlantis or some simple peace;


So lovely, it's above the flowers

When it comes to beauty or to grace;

So elegant it supercedes a pas de deux

Of two caressing lovers, flying o'er the stage;


So sure, so supreme, so sublime;

Yet so rare, so arcane, so illusive, and so dark—

Fresher than the freshest mountain air—

Is that oh so simple understanding!


The End