A-082: Elephant

Karen and Leslie stood at the fence. Karen leaned over the metal bars, her dark hair hanging around the sides of her face like a veil. Leslie was back a pace or two, her hands crossed over her chest. Occasionally she checked her watch, but on the whole was very relaxed. Karen continued staring, watching the inside of the pen. Nothing moved in the pen for a while, only the leaves when they were rustled by the wind.

"I don't think they're coming out," Leslie said, and checked her watch again.

"Yes, they are," Karen said without looking up. Leslie sighed and rolled her eyes, but didn't press the matter. She was dressed in a suit because of the meeting she had before she picked up Karen, but she never suspected that the whole ordeal would take so long. It was hot and stuffy outside, and it was in no way suit-friendly in the very least. She shifted slightly, uncomfortable. Hot. Sweaty. Leslie hated sweat, but she would stand out here for Karen.

Karen, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind the heat and overbearing sun in the very least. She even had her bare arms against the black bar that made up the top of the fence, which had to have a surface temperature of over a hundred degrees, yet she didn't seem to mind it in the least. Not even her long hair seemed to bother her, which was a magnet for ridiculous heat. Her clothes were looser, almost like hospital scrubs in their looseness and their quality of hanging over a thin body like a tent.

"Karen..." Leslie said, and checked her watch again. "You really shouldn't be standing out here in the heat."

"I'm all right." Karen glanced over and grinned broadly at Leslie. "Don't worry, I don't mind."

"Karen, I don't think they're coming out."

"They'll come out. Don't be so pessimistic."

Leslie sighed and stepped up so she was standing right next to Karen. Karen cuddled up next to her, prompting Leslie to sling an arm around her shoulders. The different in the two was not so much in height—Karen was only several inches smaller than Leslie when she was standing up—but simply in size. Leslie was in a intricately tailored suit which fit her like an unacquitted glove. Karen's baggy clothes sent several messages, from someone who was unbelievable fat but somehow managed to hide it, or someone who was unbelievably thin and was trying to fool someone. Leslie had tried to convince her to wear something that fit her much better, but Karen was all too happy to wear thirteen belts on a pair of pants that was five sizes too big for her.

Karen nuzzled her face into Leslie's armpit and wrapped her arms around her waist. They turned to face each other.

"Can't you just have a little more patience?" Karen asked and stuck out her lower lip. Leslie never found the face cute in any aspect of the word, especially since you can't pull it off when you have a face as thin as Karen's. But she gave in anyways. She threw in a little fit to accompany it, as if it was a grand big decision to stay. She threw in a couple eye rolls, a couple sighs, a couple groans, a couple of everything that Karen liked to see that created the illusion that Leslie was making a Really Big Sacrifice. Karen grinned and bounced on the balls of her feet happily before hugging her. Leslie pulled the little girl into her embrace and kissed the top of her head. Karon wriggled out of her grip long enough to kiss Leslie back.

As they passed, another, straighter, couple tossed out a crude remark referencing lesbians and hot sex. Karen broke off the kiss long enough to mention that the couple must be awfully insecure in their sexuality to make fun of a pair of lesbians at the zoo. The couple didn't respond and merely went on their way.

"What time were they supposed to come out?" Karen asked and twisted Leslie's arm so she could see her watch right-side up.

"Fifteen minutes ago," Leslie said. "At noon. Shouldn't you be the one to remember the times, since you're the one who wants to see them so badly?"

Karen shrugged. "Maybe." She turned back to the pen and leaned against the fence. Leslie stood behind her, with her arms on either side of Karen's shoulders. They were silent for a couple more minutes, until Karen let out a cry and pointed. "Look! The gates are opening!" They were. There was a large gate in the building on the far side of the pen, and it was slowly opening. A human, who looked so small because of the distance, pushed the metal bars open and stood by as an elephant walked into the pen. His ears flapped and his trunk swayed side to side as they walked.

Karen bit her lip and bounced slightly. Leslie grinned and wrapped her arms around her.

"Oh my god, I love elephants," Karen muttered to Leslie.

"I know, sweetie," Leslie said quietly into her ear. "But I think you might need to calm down."

"Whatever." Karen leaned further over the fence as several more elephants entered the pen. Several of them left the concrete platform that was in front of the building to roam around the various trees and eat some leaves and grass. One of the remained on the platform, where it was shot at with the animal keeper with a high-pressured hose. The elephant raised its trunk and waved it around as the water streamed down its grey body. The keeper shot some water into it's mouth as it continued to flail its trunk in the nose. Karen watched the bath excitedly.

"Are you happy?" Leslie asked.

"Uh-huh," Karen answered. "Oh, I want to go see them. Can we go play with them, please? I want to go play with the elephants, especially the little baby one."

Leslie laughed and wrapped her arms around Karen's shoulders. "So you don't think you're a little old to be thinking like that?" she asked.

Karen gave her a wry look over her shoulder. "What does that mean, really? Do you think I have time to be acting old?" She huffed haughtily. "Well, for your information, I rather enjoy how I act. Don't you?"

Leslie giggled again and didn't say any more. They watched the elephants each get their baths in silence, watched them roll around in the mud and play around. Leslie put her head against Karon's shoulder and sighed.

"It's such a nice day," she muttered.

"I know," Karon replied.

They were quiet for another moment.

"What's that sound?" Leslie asked.

"What sou—Oh!" Karon reached underneath her shirt and unclipped her beeper from her belt.

"Oh," Leslie said. "Is it break time?"

"Yeah. Can I have a slushie?"

"I suppose I have to pay for it?"

Karon giggled and Leslie sighed, and they headed off to the nearest zoo cafe. Karon waved to the elephants as they walked away.

Leslie ordered a burger and some fries at the food stand, and Karon just got the Icee that she asked for. They sat at a table. Karon began fiddling with her beeper, trying to get it open. Leslie watched her struggle silently for a moment before she held out her hand. "Do you want me to open it?"

"Sure, yeah." Karon handed it over. Leslie carefully undid the clasp keeping it closed.

"I wonder how in the world you survive without me," Leslie sighed and handed the opened beeper back to her girlfriend.

"I enlist a bunch of hot, naked chicks," Karon said as she pulled out a small white pill. She downed it with a mouthful of Icee. "With, like, you know, giant bouncing boobs and all and tiny hands so they can open this stupid thing when I need to." She looked longingly at Leslie's burger until she handed it over.

"You could just get your own," Leslie said as Karon rapidly devoured nearly half of it.

"But that's not as fun," Karon said as she handed what was left of the burger back. "You know I won't eat it if it's not yours."

"That's because you're weird."

"But you love me, anyways, right?"

Karon grinned. Leslie sighed.

"Come sit in my lap, you stupid brat," Leslie sighed and Karon eagerly plopped down on her legs. Leslie wrapped her arms around Karon's middle and gave her a juicy kiss on her neck. "I love you, tiny."

"I love you, too."