This story is possibly the darkest I've ever written. It's not going to be as dark as some stories on FP, but I'm warning you because I hate reading them and being surprised. This story involves nonconsensual homosexual relations. It is meant to be fiction ONLY, and, although this story will probably have a happy (enough) ending (because I'm a happy-ending whore), situations like this almost NEVER turn out well.

Perception Is Reality

Chapter One: A Fresh Start

College was supposed to be different. All the bullying, the teasing, the cliques and the misery—all that drama—was supposed to be gone. Drew had wanted a new start, had needed one more than he needed to breathe, but the moment he met Steve, he knew he wasn't going to get one.

Thankfully Steve wasn't his roommate. Luckily, his roommate, Chad, was okay. And, for a jock, that was saying a lot. Drew didn't have a good history with jocks. To them, he was small, scrawny, and useless. Prey. Cannon fodder. Something to torture at will until he broke, then laugh at. But Chad didn't seem to be like that at all, despite his "star of the football team" status.

Chad certainly looked like one of those torturers, though. He was at least six feet tall, and two hundred plus pounds of pure muscle. He could put Drew to sleep with just a tap of his fist. But, instead he very politely shook Drew's hand, showed him where his room would be, and even helped him with his bags. Drew was starting to think everything good he'd heard about college was true. He started to have hope. And then Steve walked in.

Steve was Chad's best friend. He was Drew's worst nightmare. Steve was like all of Drew's tormentors from high school, all rolled into one. He was a football player, too, and just as big as Chad. But, unlike his friend, he wasn't polite.

"Dude, are you rooming with a girl?" Steve asked, strutting into the room where Chad was helping Drew unpack.

Drew blushed. He couldn't help his delicate, almost feminine appearance. He would have changed it if he could—it would have made his life a lot simpler—but he was stuck with his face, and his five foot six, diminutive frame.

"Ignore him, he thinks he's funny," Chad said, introducing them.

"You're telling me this fairy is a guy?" Steve said when he heard Drew's name. "They must have lied to you."

Just like when somebody said this buffoon had a brain, Drew thought, rolling his eyes. He must have said it out loud, because the buffoon charged him like a bull, slamming him against the wall.

"What did you call me?" Steve growled, pressing his forearm against Drew's throat.

Drew's brain shut down. He was held down, helpless. He realized in that second, that no matter how bad he thought things had been in high school, they could have been worse. Because, in high school, they'd just teased him. Horrible, merciless teasing, teasing that had broken his self-esteem into crumbly bits that had scattered in the wind, but it had never gotten physical.

Except for The Incident, but he tried not to think about that.

But in that moment, trembling against the wall, it all came back. Hands pulling, groping, touching him in places he didn't want touched. Cloth ripping, breath heaving, pain. Blood, dripping sweat, unbearable agony, and that voice in his ear, calling him a dirty whore, telling him to take it like a man. A ghost of pleasure that he couldn't stop, couldn't control, didn't want. Helpless. Again.

Steve held the tiny kid against the wall. They sure were making freshmen smaller these days. Had he ever been that small? Nah. The kid looked like an angel, with his giant blue eyes, long dark lashes, and white-blonde hair. Steve wouldn't have been surprised if he were a porcelain figurine, come to life.

Figuring his point had been made, he was just about to let go when Chad pulled him away.

"Dude, stop assaulting my roommate and make yourself useful," Chad said, glaring at him, and pointing at a box. "You okay?" he asked the fairy.

The kid looked up at Chad with worshipful eyes, and nodded. Steve didn't like him looking at Chad like that. He didn't know why, but he didn't like it at all.

Could he be attracted? He opened a box and started unpacking. He had thought he was over those feelings, but maybe not. Maybe he really was gay. Shit, this kid would be perfect to experiment on. He could find out, once and for all. All Steve had to do was find out if Drew was gay.

Drew lay back on the sofa, doing some homework. So far, things hadn't been all that bad. Maybe he had overreacted that first day. His classes were going well, he was getting along with Chad just fine, and he was even starting to make some friends on campus! Sure, Steve was a pain in the neck. He was at their house so much he might as well have been a third roommate, and he made fun of Drew constantly, calling him "fairy," and "princess," and asking who'd fucked him last night.

Drew had colored at that last one the first time. Was it so very obvious that he was gay? Well, theoretically gay. No one had turned him on at all in about two years, since The Incident. But before then, he'd been attracted to guys. How did Steve know?

Hoping that Steve had just been fooling around, Drew hadn't responded. The buffoon hadn't pursued the comment, so Drew assumed his secret was safe.

Speak of the devil. Just as Drew was thinking about him, Steve walked out of the bathroom. Drew felt his mouth gape open. The buffoon was . . . gorgeous. He was dripping wet, and had obviously just stepped out of the shower. And he was completely naked except for a narrow towel slung across his slim hips.

Drew's eyes roamed voraciously over the muscular chest, chiseled abs, and lean calves, all covered in honey-golden skin.

Steve cleared his throat, and Drew's eyes jumped up to meet mocking green ones.

"Do you want me to take the towel off?" Steve asked wryly.

Drew silently turned back to his book, face flaming. Why did all the beautiful ones have to be assholes? He realized he'd looked at someone with interest for the first time in two years. And it had been Steve.

Steve walked into Chad's room and got dressed, giving in to the urge to do a little happy dance. He had found out everything he needed to know. Now, all he had to do was get Drew alone.


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