Sand Dance

Sand Dance

I prayed for a desert.

A touch of heat.

A cactus crying.

A water canteen.

The sun can show salvation.

You can stare into rays and rays again.

Souls burned into the lights of the world.

Please don't cry dried tears for me

Because I…

I can make you love this place.

Disintegrated dreams fall to the oasis.

Mirages remind, and give new faces.

A whirlwind blows, but only chases.

Footprints in the sand, your past traces.

I've discovered paradise.

And through the storm I can see your face.

Pray to me and rediscover true faith.

Scratch your own skin to fill in the blanks.

The cheerless dunes to feel overused.

The thirst that makes the heart burst.

The throat sealed to kindly reveal:

The path you've chosen first.

You were born an animal before the nihilistic reformation.

You were an individual before the massive recollection.

You were a mind before the beautiful assimilation.

You were mine before His written proclamations.

Take a waltz through my kingdom

One-two-three, one-two-three.

Understand the truest patterns here.

For this a silent gift to me and thee.

Consciousness shall decide our remainders.

Fate can sort the consequences.

Strength will seethe the breeze.

Through this hell, begins our dances.

Take advice.

Heed warnings.

Breathe out.

Scorched yearnings.

The music is finally stopping.

The heart has stopped beating.

The world is slowing down.

And we've stopped dreaming.

Blink, dance, fade.

Darkness, light, shades.

Pray, die, save.

Live, lie, waves.

Universes have collapsed.

Stars fizzle out.

But remember me.

Because I won't die out.

Ashes to ashes.

Love becomes a moratorium.

Call out the names you know.

They're all you have left.


Even the slightest touches of humanity can make you whole.

When I rise, and when you set.

When I remember, because you forget.

When I fall, and you fly.

When we live, is when we die.

One-two-three, one-two-three.

Dance, dance, dance for me.

Dunes, dunes, dunes all around.

Here through the blaze a soul can be found.