The Two of One

The clock slowly ticks but no time passes
The light may be on but it has all gone away
The young boy sits in silence
The young girl's disappeared once again...

He watches the clock and wishes the time would stop
He wants the taunting to stop
He wants nothing more than for his other half to return to him
He wishes he knew why...
He wishes he knew why she went away.

She watches the picture of him she has
She wants nothing but the best for him and she just is not it
She wants to know that she'll learn to live again
She wishes she knew why...
She wishes she knew why it has to be this way.

Will his beautiful blue heart ever pick up the pieces?
Will her misty eyes learn to shine again?
What has happened here?
What has torn apart something so tight, so beautiful, one of a kind...
Was fate just jealous?
Or did it decide to rip apart two lives?

His world is a spiral of navys and grays
Her world is a mess of mistakes and uncertainties
Together they conquered everything that had come their way
That had challenged them
They had been together - Inseparable - Allies in a war that never ends
But now... Oh, now...

He isn't lost
She isn't found
He isn't dead
She isn't existence
They were once the two of one
But now they both are but the one of two...

Just days ago, one was the fullest number
One - the number of the world
But now, it stands lonely again.

They were once the two of one
Two of one...
And strictly now...

One of two.