"Julius Caesar"

Are there blades twenty three

With sting poised to stab my heart?

Are there men twenty three

Whose hatred will lead them to murder me?

Has the arm of my might,

Reached too far for imagination?

Has the hand with which I've grasped,

Grown too large for sight and use?

As I reached for continents and kingdoms,

And Parthia made ready to fall before a king's strength,

Rome bloomed like an unfolding flower,

Or perhaps a great venus fly trap.

I failed to watch,

the little men who attended beneath me

and I grew too large, too fast,

to see all I was about to crush.

In the grandest halls of Man's imagining,
I faced the crowd to address you all,

I faced the crows, waiting to rip me to shreds,

And I never wavered.

War, war, war,

Victory, victory, victory,

Senators, please,

Can you be reasonable?

Even as the sun began to set.

With 23 blades you pierced my body,

And with a million blazing betrayals,

Like arrows pouring from the sky in torrents.

You burned all the flesh within me,

And shattered every bone

And even had the steel of your blades,

Never touched my skin

I feel certain,

When I saw you there,

And you looked me in the eye,

With murder on your face

I would have died unwounded.

Tell me it isn't true.

Tell me it isn't you too, Brutus.

For I cannot bear to see it end this way.

But if you must have your kingdom,

To have it and to scatter it,

Let me make one plea of the gods,

Deliver me.

Deliver my body,

Sweep me to the heavens,

Away from the madness,

Not as Caesar of the sky,

But Julius only, to dwell in peace

For I do not wish to rule

Senators, brothers,

One plea more.

Look away as you wound me,

Lest I see the hatred in your eyes.

Look away as you wound me,

Lest I see death, Rome drowning in your lies.