Pulling rabbits from the hat
Cards from the sleeves
Performing those tricks that
Make both believe.

The sparkles shine,
The lights burn bright.
Was there a reason to the rhyme,
Are we wrong or are we right?

They see them both smile.
Both pretending that they're just fine.
It's been a long, long while
Since there has been laughter chime.

It's broken.
It's torn.
Not working,
With acting skills born

Living a lie
Each and every day.
Struggling not to cry
When someone walks away.

In itself, it's all but magic.
Trickery is the game.
But think about how tragic
It is that both feel the same.

Playing with the mirrors
Dancing in the smoke
But see it getting clearer?
Their reflection now is broke.

Both get together one evening
But can't force eyes to meet.
The sorrow keeps on breathing,
Bearing the need to retreat.

Both go to the magic show,
To watch the joy at hand.
Yet deep inside, both will know
The joy will crash land

Go up in flames,
Set fire to the debris
Close their ears to the other names,
And try their best to be free.

Trickery! Dear Trickery!
How can you be so bad?
Bring the closed wound to open and bleed
And yet always seem so glad?

Rabbits out of a hat.
Cards from the sleeve.
Trickery, they hate it that
You forced them to believe.