Twin Sight

Blink of an eye,
And the world becomes new.
When worlds dare to try
To be something untrue.

The realms collide when
Eyes are closed.
But see this strange spin?
This script is doubly composed.

She woke to find herself tied
To slumber's reminders
But no matter how she tried,
The thoughts would bind her

To think of the dream-
To see him stand right there.
Reality and imagination, it seems,
A thought they had to share.

She looked upon him in fear
In her eyes, the urge to retreat.
He saw but one single tear,
And then refused to admit defeat.

She turned and sprinted fast,
Into the dreamer's sand.
He yelled after her, a request cast,
Why she ran, he could not understand.

Double sight, it came to be.
No matter what she did, it replayed.
He was completely unable to see
Just how identical this was portrayed.

The problem, worse it grew,
As time suddenly stood still.
She fell to the ground and instantly knew,
Remembering his strong will.

She turned slowly but looked away.
He smiled, then also turned.
His image suddenly began to decay-
All his efforts, spurned.

Suddenly, she would awake.
Laying in her bed.
It was a dream that would make
Her feel so full of dread.

But in the end, it'd happen again.
He showed up at her door.
The running now, would have to end.
It was a dream no more.