A new life begins -- It's a girl
Another being to inhabit this world.
And that was so many years ago...
But look at her now, and you'll know

That her existence was never meant to be
She yearns to finally be free
But someone's always holding her down
Claiming they need her and she hears the sound

Of their misery and their pain;
It's started to drive her train
Of thoughts down an untaken track
That's dark and rough, now she can't go back

To what might have saved her body, her mind...
But now she's broken and no one cares to find
Her as she lies, broken and tired, along
The severed track of the life that has done her wrong

Off in the distance, a light strikes her eyes
And she hears the whistle; knows she's about to die.
She would have, any other time, risen and retreated
But long ago, her spirit to fight was defeated.

The whistle echoes louder and the light grows
Closer. And seventeen years suddenly blows
Past her as if it were just a page in a book --
A page that no one even bothered to look

At. A page that would have explained
Why this girl was in this constant pain
And why she lied there and expired
From a body broken, a mind tired...