Upon the Wall

And there it sits,
Another untold call
Of a girl who quits...
Written upon the wall.

She could grin a smile fake;
Of happiness she lied.
Given more than she could take
Made urges, she had to hide.

She wrote with grace,
Could paint a picture bright...
But her heart was displaced;
The wrong was turned to right.

The wall was of white, pristine.
Into her wrist she dug.
Cut herself a crimson ravine
Made a lake upon the rug.

Left her message on the board
And found herself a chair,
Tied a knot in a spiraled cord
And hung herself in there.

And her body simply dangled
Above the reddened floor,
Her life away was slowly strangled
Until she was no more.

There was a novel in her eyes
And songs of sobs in her throat.
But everyone, they missed the cries...
Now all they have is a note.

And somewhere the people weep
For another tragic fall.
The message of her eternal sleep
Was written upon the wall.