Fade away into memory.
Fly away to the horizons.

But no matter where you go...

My eyes
Will always see.
My heart
Will forever love.
My fingertips
Will never cease to feel.

In the past,
You've vanished from me
To live an existence
I was not allowed to see.

One day you walked away.
Vanished into space.
I looked through the mists in front of my
Eyes and saw,
You hesitant.
You then turned back, smiled faintly,
And was gone.

But when you disappeared,
I would never see you shiver.
I'd never see your pain,
You collapse to your knees and look
Back for me.
Could you see me, or
Had I vanished, too?

You couldn't see me
Reaching out into the nothingness
Yelling your name,
Rivers pouring down my face,
Pain stabbing my heart like a million knives.

Walking down the long hallways
The steps felt so heavy.
Searching through thousand nameless faces,
For that one smile
That disappeared.
Roaming the crowds, listening hard
For that single voice
Which faded away.

You're leaning against the wall,
Playing it all off.
Pretending you're just fine
Laughing with your friends.
Though secretly, you are constantly
Blinking back tears,
Your eyes searching wildly for
The face you long for.

I'm sitting somewhere in a courtyard,
Refusing to play social.
Eyes diverted at the ground,
Silent and thoughtful.
Secretly, I want you to
Come up from behind
And no longer be invisible.

I get up to my feet,
And see you standing there.
I look down and I just start to cry
Believing I'm seeing a ghost.
You heave a heavy sigh, trying to be stable,
Unsure of how to proceed.
Our eyes won't make contact.

For what feels like forever,
We are invisible.
Just you and me, in a void,
Where time has frozen solid.
I look up slowly, and the moment my
Eyes lock contact with yours,
You catch me in your arms,
And I know you aren't imagination.

There is no words expressed.
You press me against you tight
And try to hold steady.
But, there is no way that
You can make your tears
I see them, and I know.