Take your shining silver sword
Throw it once through me
Take away my ability to feel myself
Transforming silver crimson

But would I even feel your stabs?
Is there anything in my world that's real?
It's as if the materials I touch are dust
And the noises purely static
Buzzing somewhere in the depths of this,
This hazy, misty place...

Watch not my eyes but the stream instead
The rainfall of thick warmth and hue
My eyes may look at your face
But give me time
Within a moment I will look no more.

Strike me blind and deaf with one fell move
For that's all you can do for me.
I'm already void of the ability to feel...

Does my watch move differently than yours,
Or is it that I move slowly?
Do you
Move quickly?
What reality is what reality is?
What reality is what I'm made to believe is so?

Do I ask you too many questions?
Then give me time
Within a moment I will speak no more.

Four invisible walls
Tangible but unseen
Enclose me in this dream -
If I can even say that I am sleeping -
The alarm clock somewhere is ringing
Calling me back
But I fight the urge
To wake up again...
The alarm clock somewhere is ringing
And I reach out to turn it off...

Does it hurt you to see me cry?
Then turn away,
And give me time
Within a moment I will cry no more.

Is my existence true?
Does it burden you?
Then just walk away...
Just walk away.

Give me time.
Within a moment I will be no more.