Wall in the Clinic

In the waiting room
Of a building of padded walls
Sits a pair full of gloom
Watching red tears fall.

See the doctors in their white,
Who sit and shake their heads?
See a pair who cannot fight;
Who hurt themselves instead?

Her disease is of the brain
She sees through twisted eyes
Long ago went insane
When this she tried to disguise.

His turmoil is in his heart
His blue eyes are dead and blind
Tore himself completely apart
For an illusion he can't find.

Together they were everything.
United they were whole.
But their separation dared to bring
Depression to their soul.

At night he stares to space
Hugging nothing but the air
Such a sadness on his face
Claiming someone's there...

No longer does this girl sleep;
Speaks in cryptic lines
Such insanity does she keep
Pretending that she's fine...

The doctors stay all day
Watching these two collapse
Cannot keep themselves away
Waiting until they both just snap.

The patients pace the floor
And make art with bloodied wrists
Locked in a room without a door
Barely managing to exist.

One day the boy regained his eyes;
Saw her through the glass
Trembled hard, couldn't stop his cries
Remembering the past.

Put his hands upon the wall
Tried to push the glass away
Oh, her name, he so did call
But silence was all he did say.

He looked to the ground
Then felt a touch on his hands
Peered up without a sound
And began to finally understand.

Her smile was ever forced
Her eyes were reddened green
But he thought with deep remorse
She was the greatest thing he'd seen.

So they stared with wall between
Both flashing to the past
Praying their minds not to be mean
And let the moment last...

For a moment there was light
A sweet and golden hue
For a moment shining bright
From emotions true.

But the wall began to shift
And slowly turned to stone
The smiles from their faces lift
As now they sit alone.

Somewhere in two connected rooms
With stony, padded walls
People shake their heads with gloom
At the lives that had to fall.