What He Dreams

What could he do?
He fell so hard, so fast.
Was it true,
Would it not last?

In her eyes he was caught,
And he loved that smile.
Oh, she made his heart distraught!
Around her, he was riled.

But he kept his distance
Yet wanted only her
Dreamt of many instances
That kept him reassured

One day, in another place
He'd have his lovely prize.
And a smile crossed his face
While his spirits began to rise.

And in his movie-like scenes
He could hold her in his arms
See himself in her eyes green
And keep her safe from harm.

His friends tend to say
He's off in his own world
But he knows that one day
He'll have his special girl

And back where they should be,
Love's warmth will melt the frost.
Everyone will be able to watch and see
Them regain the passion they had lost.