When I'm Through

You bend and you writhe
Can't see what I say to you.
You think you can survive?
You'll be dead before I'm through.

Too much misery and pain
Has caused this soul to twist
Drove a good heart to the insane-
You're no longer allowed to exist.

No more stabs to this wounded heart-
The blade now makes you bleed.
Turned upon yourself, slicing apart
It's time for you to concede.

Time for your moment of grace,
Time for you to open your eyes.
Time for blood tears down your face,
Time for you to die.

To the floor you will fall
I watch your chest heavily heave.
For assistance you can try to call...
But soon you won't be able to breathe.

It must not be fun
To have it turned around...
Nowhere for you to run,
Your body dead upon the ground...

I watch you squirm and writhe
Knew what I had to do.
Couldn't let you dare survive...
You were dead when I was through.