Wishes and Stars

Wishes hit the sky
And clouds turn bluish gray.
Rain dares to cry
From the dreams, they say.

The hardest time is the night
For heart that strongly yearns
For a wish that shines eternally bright
With a flame that forever burns.

There is a gentle soul
Who lives amongst the clouds
Listening to all the wishes whole
Using nighttime as his shroud.

Little scrolls of dreams
On comets, in they sail
Stars falling in lunar streams
Reminders of our wishful tales.

It is the wishes the sky took
That decorates the nightly sky.
The stars above are beautiful books
Of dreams that will never die.

And when we look at the stars
With our dreamy smile
Remember, our dreams traveled far
And let's remember for a while

Of the feelings deep inside
That made our hearts sing.
And the secrets we dared to confide
In an otherworldly thing.