World of Broken Stone

Through the wall
Is where these gems go
Burning through one and all
Filled deep with anger so

Portrayals of gold
Promises of happy days,
Damn it all, it's gotten old
But it must be here to stay...

Watch the flow of crystalline
Pouring out from cloudy spheres
Raining down in heavy streams
Making it all so clear

There is a flood
In the land of emerald greens.
Can't stand to lose all this blood
For purely ridiculous means.

Can an emerald be so red?
Can gold just be so blue?
Are colors better off dead?
Is white the only color true?

The best way to be is blind
It would appear to be
Disconnected eyes and mind
Allows us to always be free.

Shattered being
Shuddering and frail,
God, but how you are dreaming
Of an end to this dismal tale.

In a world of broken stone,
A person dies from all the trials.
In a world of being alone,
There is never any honest smiles.