At night, goblins would appear at my window; pressing their sick colored faces into the invisible wall, with their little, beady, black eyes peering into my room.

At first, I tried to ignore them, ignore them and their vexing voices and the noises they made against my window. At first, I tried to, in the end, I failed.

My nights were full of shadows and monsters, leaving me with the want of security I know I will never have. My nights were full of dreams, none of which lured me into the darkness that sleep provided.

At night, I would curl up into my bed at night, hiding under my covers that kept the world from knowing and sob. Before I settled in for another restless night, with the chattering of the goblins in my ear, I would take a knife to my wrists. Every night, as if it was the daily prayer good little Catholic children would repeat, I would bleed. Wishing I wasn't here, wishing I could disappear. Each night, I wanted to cut deeper then the night before.

But that was before she came. They would run away, those goblins, scattering away from her mesmerizing light.

When the moon was full, she would come, announcing her arrival with her foreboding presence. Telling them that it was her time to spend with me.

Oh, how I trembled under her gaze when we first met. She came into my room, ceremoniously, as I sat up in my bed, shock showing in my face. Her long, flowing hair shined with a brilliance I have never dared to dream of ever seeing. Her pale skin seemed to be kissed by Luna, Diana, Phoebe, Artemis themselves. So beautiful. So captivating.

On those three days, every month when the moon shined it's brightest. She could come.

Sometimes to watch me, as I watched her. Sometimes to lie in my arms, letting me cradle her, letting me have something to hold onto. Sometimes to kiss me and tell me she loved me, sincerity in her eyes.

Slowly, I started to see less and less of the goblins that lurked at my window, and I started to see more and more of her. My shadows started to fade away, leaving me in the light, leaving me naked so her eyes could rake across my bare skin.

I finally thought I could tell her; tell her that I loved her, to take her far away, to love her like one person to another. In my heart, I wanted this, this dream. In my mind, I just wanted it to last.

I loved the power she had over me, which she controlled with just her eyes. I loved the need to be need by her and her alone. The way our bodies would curl together, fitting just right. The way her scent intoxicated me, the ways her hands touched me, the way her lips moved. I loved the way she whispered late into the night, words of lasting love.

I loved how she listened to me telling her I needed her, telling her how badly it hurt without her near me. She did everything so patiently, soothingly. So lovingly.

I remembered every night we spent together. I remember every kiss we shared, every touch we experienced, every sound we made, and every word we spoke.

Then things got complicated, as they always did. And I ended up having my bruised heart ripped out and kicked around the room. She told me she had to leave. She told me she must leave. For the safety of both of us. For the union between us is most looked down upon, for one as dark as me and one as bright as her.

I cried out for her to stay. And she did for awhile. I asked her why; can we not protect each other? She did not reply. She held me in her arms as I clung to her desperately. Trying to convince her to stay, and then trying to convince her to take me with her, I did not, could not, sway her decision.

Wasting salt, I clung until my hands ached, tears streaming down my face. Wasting words, I whispered, words of love and longing. Wasting time, I pressed my face into her stomach, hoping to make her stay. Wasting breath, I begged, my pleads went unheard.

She's gone now… Her body, her face, her hair, her scent, her light. She's gone and I am still here. Waiting for her, waiting for her to come back to me. Waiting for our love to finally be approved. Sometimes I wonder if she still remembers me and our love. Sometimes I wonder if she cares… Sometimes I wonder why I still love her, but then those sometimes I forget.

No one really cares about me, so I just sit and write. No one really notices me so I just hug myself tight, hoping soon she will come again, to take me away, to tell me that she loved me and protect me from the goblins once again.