2008 Summer olympics boycott my opinion.

For as long as I can remember, the Summer Olympics have been about all countries, religions and races coming together every four years for a contest. The Summer Olympics used to be an event about the pure athleticism of the competitors. Unfortunately, the Summer Olympics have now shifted gears. The Olympics used to be about a friendly celebration between countries as a way of forgetting conflicts and marking that we made it four more years on this planet. We have turned it into a way to get something that is very frightening, power. People will do anything for power. It doesn't matter how many rules they have to break or how many people they have to screw over.

The Summer Olympics were first held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. It started as just a Greek event. In 1896, the Olympics offered pole vaulting, sprints, shot put, weight lifting, cycling, swimming, target shooting, tennis, marathon and gymnastics. The Summer Olympics were entirely about the athletes. Up until 1940, when the Olympics were supposed to be held in Tokyo, Japan, when several countries planned to boycott the games. The games were rescheduled to Helsinki, Finland. In 1944, the games were not held because of World War II. That is just unacceptable because they let politics get in the way of the summer peace.

I believe it was and still is wrong to get leverage from these situations for power. The athletes have worked really hard for four years and they don't want it to go to waste. Save the drama for the day after the Summer Olympics. This day is for athletes only. You shouldn't threaten without the consent of your athletes. You need to remember that it's not always your leader that the decisions affect. China might attack the countries that boycott but they have enough problems already. Step into an athlete's position. You have trained your whole life for this and the shelf life is short. So if you miss one, you're being deprived of your year. How would you feel?

China should not try to take over a free country, who under the circumstances is helpless right now. Tibet has it's own religion, government, and way of life. I don't understand how in any way how China thinks they can just take that away from them. They are also not in a position for more power. They have so many people living in poverty. Many are working in physically and mentally unsafe conditions. They need to give people their civil rights. They need to free all prisoners who have been imprisoned since 1989. Stop forcible evictions of citizens from their homes or lands. China also needs to end the jamming of foreign radio stations and stop the blacklisting of journalist and human rights activitsts which prevents them from visiting China. China needs to in general get their acts together. I'm not saying it's okay to take over Tibet. I'm just saying in general they need to get their acts together, it doesn't matter if they used to rule them, they don't anymore.

However, the Chinease feel that, we don't respect their culture, their people or their way of life. The Chinease feel we don't see the pros, only the cons. So the pros are are out there we just have to look for them.

A large part of Chinease culture is the belief that a spititual world exists. They believe in the holy along with the beleif of evil. A large part of Chinease tradition is about finding the balance of Yin and Yang in relation to Qi, health and the meridian system in order to find harmony. Now you may be wondering what Yin and Yang is, well in Chinease Phisology, Ying and Yangs are generalized descriptions of the reverse or connections in human perceptions of phenomena in the in the natural world. Qi is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Chinease culture also includes extensive amounts of literature, a launguage, music that dates back to the dawn of the Chinease civilization. China is home to many diverse types of arts and fashon. China is one of the birth places of martial arts. China has archtecture that dates back to as many as 2,000 years. There is overwelmingly large amount of food for some. The most common lesire game is Mah Jong, a game that involves skill, strategy, calculation and a bit of luck.

I wish us humans didn't always have to change every tiny detail. We always have to try and make things better when they're fine already. We always have to have the bigger house or the better car or the more expensive cell phone. If people before us grew up this way we should be able to live without them. Whem you get grounded parents take away your television or cell phone. Why should this be a punnishment. If anything television and cell phones should only be used for good reasons. If I had a choice I would not be typing this right now. Unfortunetly it seem to be the only way for me to get my opinion out to a lot of people very quickly. I also wish the athletes had more say in this. This affects them more than anyone else. The Olympics should be about the sport. The Olympics should be a day of peace, global peace. My thesis is that politics, war, and grudges should not be involved with the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics too. What's yours?