Inspirations- Death Note just a smige, and The Devils Diary another smige of inspiration.

Before you read this remember that I'm not making fun nor am I trying to hurt the character types in this article. Also remember that everyone is different and what you think is bad others might look at differently, but everyone is a person with emotions, beliefs, and opinions .

Sometimes the greatest paths are the one's less traveled by your generation. People spend too much time following the crowd and caring what others think of them. They ignore how hebetudinous what they're doing really is. Those who try above and beyond to have friends who don't even like them, spend hours at night or get up almost three hours before school actually starts, to look try to look perfect, look pretty dumb when their so called "friends" stand them up to be partners for a big science project.

The characters I speak of, text and IM (instant message) sometimes till three in the morning trying to get someone to like them, losers. Harsh words I know, and you know what, I don't care. They cheat, lie, and backstab for no good reason. It sickens me. They follow the power thriving nut jobs who follow the road were everything has a place and everything is in its place. This pathway looks clean and safe to them. The pathway were there are no problems, no responsibilities, no consequences, and no rules.

Sometimes that pathway can take an unexpected turn and lead you to hell. It can come back and bite you in the butt. It will lead you to situations you were trying to avoid. People who choose this path are probably looking for power, respect, and a way to fit in. They will go to the end of earth for this, it doesn't matter how many people they have to screw over or how many responsibilities they have to shake off or even how many rules they have to break. All they want is power. You may think I'm growing this out of proportion, but I'm not, do not think of just the popular kids, think the candidates running for office. Do you think they'll do just about anything to win, to get the power they have longed for all their lives. That is why we also have to be careful with who we trust.

Moving on to less serious matters, think about the ringleader of the pack some people consider to be "The Popular kids." Deep down do you think the leader is confident and emotionally stable? Do you honestly believe they really have a healthy self esteem? They may look confident, put together, and mentally stable on the outside, but on the inside all these feelings of sadness, confusion, regret, and their consciences are eating away at their minds, resulting in long and sleepless nights. I hope they feel horrible for all the things they've said, but are unsure how to apologize. I wonder if they feel trapped in a sea of confusion afraid it will be too late before they can say, "Land home!" They must want a way out, but have weaved their way through the crowd of people before knowing what they really want.

Popular kids must spend so much time thinking about power, ways to get power, how to lose power and how to steal power. What I think is wrong about it is the people you want to take power from are supposed to be you friends. My definition of friends is people who love you through thick and thin. Friends are people who are always there for you. There not friends with these people they are more like mortal enemies, if anything. Really popular kids will do anything for power. Power is like a symbol to them. It's a symbol saying "I control you."

I don't even think they know or care how hubris that sounds. Helping someone else to them is not really about what you do, but the fact that you're doing it. I really think someone should make them do something productive not only for themselves but for others. Isn't it true that people will do anything to be emotionally unstable, have no true friends, and Oh yeah, have everyone you trusted stab you in the back.

I don't understand why people want to be popular. They might be self-conscience or they just want to fit in and feel accepted, well everyone does, but not by being popular. Never once in my life have I ever wanted to be popular. I shouldn't even be using the word popular because popular means widely liked and appreciated. That may seem a little harsh, but think about the so called "popular" kids in your school? What do you think of them? Do you like them? Do you appreciate them? I'm not saying you should stoop to their level and be as cruel to them as they are to you; I just want to let you know if you are willing to do anything to be part of the "in" crowd or something similar. Then you might want to take a step back and take a look at what comes with being popular or part of what you try to be involved with.

Sometimes we fall through the cracks and say something mean or tell a lie or cheat just once, in my book as long as you fess up to it then it's okay. You just better not do it again because next time you might not be so lucky. I'm not sure where I stand I'm definitely not very close to the mean and superficial side, but I'm not perfect. No one is, but at least I'm trying. I sometimes shake off responsibilities, but that doesn't make me a bad person and it doesn't make you a bad person either. We all make mistakes and part of making mistakes is knowing how to fix them.

People, who travel the broken and beat up path of chaos, confusion, sleepiness, determination, and hard work, will see and experience the magnificent and the disastrous. They will build character, wisdom, and learn to respect and care for everyone they meet. The rewards are endless for those who choose to longer, beat up pathway. This pathway is so beat up because of the great who have taken this long and sleepless trek before you. You stand at this fork in you life, your future right in front of you waiting for you to choose where you're going. Waiting for you to decide weather you want to move backward or forward or just stay in the same place going back and forth with you decision.

You may think I'm making too big of deal with this, but can you honestly tell me the seven to eight years you spend cheating, lying, and backstabbing isn't going to affect how you and others see you? Do you think when doing this during the most crucial time in your life it won't affect your work ethic or the goals you set for yourself. Think again.

You must decide who you are right now and who you want to become. You need to think about how strong your morals are and how far you are willing to push to get something that might not even be worth it. In this spot you must think about who you will leave behind, who you'll meet, and what will happen with these acquaintances. In the split second you come to this fork in your life, you must decide how you want to live.