Today is August 25th

Today is August 25th. This day marks my first day in high school.

A new day of school starts today. It's my first year in high school, at last. I've been waiting for this moment for two whole years now.

Ever since my parents had their job transferred to this place, I've made almost no friends at all. Middle school for me was very... depressing. Yes, that word fits it perfectly.

Now it's time for a new start: new friends, new adventures, new love. I hope I can find a nice boyfriend, one that will cherish me. One that will embrace me in his arms without any second thoughts.

Oh crap, I'm late. I better run fast.

Mom, I'm going now.

I rushed out the door and ran down the street. Ah, the morning wind sure feels nice. A new start at last.

Homeroom. The teacher sure is handsome. His brown hair, and blue eyes are so mysterious. His loose shirt, which happened to not be tucked into his pants, made him look so young. How old is he?

Well, class. Nice to meet you. My name is Jacob Hissinger. Like always, you little guys, and sweet ladies, call me Mr. Hissinger. If I ever hear anybody calling me Jacob, you're in for a nice surprise. Time for introductions, from all of you. Me first though. I like music and having fun. I graduated from UC Berkeley. Well, starting on the left side of the class, go.

A lot of introductions sounded interesting, but the teacher's voice still sounded in my ears. It was deep, like a mans. Well, of course it is, he is a teacher after all. Silly me. I stared at him the whole time everybody else was talking. This little crush at first sight is going a bit too far.

My turn soon came. I'm Reyna XXXXX. Just call me Rain. Reyna works too, if you want to bother sounding out two syllables. I like music, exciting things, and guys. I came from that school down the road over there. What was it called again? Mah, whatever. You guys don't care. Well, yeah, hope I can be friends with all of you.

Out of all the introductions I think mine was the weirdest. I was the only one that was talking naturally. Even though it was pretty long, there was almost no personal info in it. It's not like I need other people knowing my personal info anyways.

The bell rang, and everybody rushed out. As I was going out, I turned to the teacher and smiled.

Bye bye, Jacob.

I chuckled a bit to myself and continued to first period.

Somebody called out to me in the hallway.

Rain! Reyna! Wait up!

I slowed down my pace and waited for them to catch up.


Hey. I'm Jessica. I think we're going to the same class. AP Geometry, right?


Let's go together then.

And that marks my first conversation with my first friend in high school.

201, 202, 203. Here we are. Room 204. Let's go in.

Let's sit next to each other. Where do you wanna sit, the back or the front?

The back is fine.

I situated myself in the back row near the corner seat. Jessica took the seat on the other side.

Math was easy. I was always really good at it. This was no different. I volunteered to solve difficult problems and answered questions that nobody else knew the answer too. They were already looking at me like a book of answers. I made a lot of friends in this class too. Jessica was still number one. She didn't just befriend me to get help on homework. I wonder if they'll treat me like a real friend.

Most of the teachers were pretty rough since all my classes were AP. They gave us homework on the first day.

A lot of people and I exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. I gave Jessica all that, and my AIM screen name.

Here. It's my screen name on AIM.

She scribbled out something on a sticky and gave it to me. This is mine. Let's talk tonight.

I nodded.

During the next few periods, we sat near each other. Jessica talked a bit with some guy. He was cute, handsome is more like it. Lunch came and we finally got to talk more.

Who was that?

My boyfriend. We promised we'd go to the same high school.

How many of our classes is he in?

4 I think. Wanna talk to him? Hey Josh! Come here.

Hey Jess, what is it?

I wanted you to meet a friend of mines. Josh, this is Reyna. Reyna, this is Josh.

Hey. You can call me Rain.

Hi. My real name's Joshua, but Josh is fine too.

We shook hands and everything.

Come on guys. We're in high school now. Don't just shake hands like some adults! It's annoying.

Then what should we do instead?

Josh, hug her.

What? We barely know each other.

Yes. That's right. We just met. And besides, he's your boyfriend, not mines.

But I wanna see you guys hug.

Is that really neccessary?

Meanwhile Josh is just being silent listening to our conversation.

Jess, you sure have a way with life. If any other girl saw their boyfriend hugging somebody else, they'd be angry. But here you are, telling your own boyfriend to hug another girl. Are you in the right state of mind?

I'm perfectly sane. Just hug her. Think of it as a first meeting celebration.

If you say so. Just promise me you won't get mad afterwards. So Rain, we're supposed to hug according to her.

Yeah, we are. Let's just hug so we can stop her from talking about it any further.


We hugged, in an awkward way. Only our arms touched.

Well, all done.

That's good for you two. First time meeting celebration over! Let's get some lunch. I'm starving.

You guys go ahead. Here the money, buy me something edible. I need to be somewhere. I'll meet you guys back here in about two minutes.


I walked off. I wandered the cafeteria for awhile until I could find a vending machine. I put in fifty cents and a juice box came out. Yay, my juice.

They got a table. I went over.

So what'd you get me?

A super spicy chicken sandwich.

Didn't I say get something edible?

I told you that wasn't edible. You're crazy today.

But it looked so fitting for her.

Hey you guys, it doesn't matter. I'll eat it. So where's my change?

She handed me five dollars and fifty cents.

You gave me too much money. You know, you shouldn't give away so much money for other people like that. If we were bad friends, we would've cheated you off your money.

Well, it's a good thing I made some good friends, isn't it?

That's a nice way to put it. What were you doing? We were watching you wander all around the cafeteria. Looking for someone?

No. I was looking for a vending machine. Look, it's apple juice in a box.

You know, they sell apple juice in the lines too.

It tastes different when you buy it then when you get it in a machine.

You're saying the juice in those machines is better than refrigerated juice? No way. Well, whatever. Drink whatever you like.

Lunch lasted an hour. After eating, we explored the school. I saw some acquaintances from middle school. Notice I didn't say friends. Like I said, I didn't have any friends in middle school.

I talked to a few guys in the hallways. When I saw a hot guy, I would go up to him and say you're hot. They would always reply with a thanks and walk away, to their friends.
Hey, you guys do your boyfriend girlfriend thing. I gotta go meet with a teacher. Cya in fifth period.

Yeah, ok.


I walked back to the room where I met that teacher, the homeroom teacher.

Knock knock.

Come in.

Hey Jacob.

How many times did I tell you not to call me that?

Only one.

Well, don't call me Jacob.

Why not?

Because you're a student and I'm a teacher. Give me some respect.

I am giving you respect. Usually I wouldn't even say somebody's name.

Well anyways, what'd you come here for?

Just to hang out.

Hang out as in?

To talk with you.

Is that all? Don't you need help on homework or something?

Nope. I completed all my homework in class.

As I talked, I got closer to him.

Look. Students and teachers don't hang out and talk. I'm older than you by, how old are you?

14. How old are you?

That's a secret.

Let me guess, you're 25.

... He stayed quiet for awhile. He pretended to be working with his paperwork and stuff.

Go away. I have work to do.

Jacob, it's the first day of school. There is barely any work to complete. But, since there was no sign of denial earlier when I said your age, that must mean that I'm right.

No, it's not. I was only thinking on my work.

Yes, it is. You're not even working. Look at that paper. It's blank. Nothing to do whatsoever.

Lunch is almost over. And don't you have friends to hang out with?

They're dating and I'm giving them some alone time. So you're only 11 years older than me, huh?

Yeah, I am. And that means we're not supposed to talk to each like this.

You know my parents age difference is by 12 years.

What does that have to do with anything?

That means that we can talk to each other like this. My parents fell in love with each other when mom was only in high school too. Did you know?

That's good for them.

I turned around and went to his bookshelf.

Hey, Jacob. I didn't know you read books like these.

I showed him the cover of some really mature book that I found in his bookshelf.

He blushed, and got a bit mad.

That's not my book.

Then what is it doing in your bookshelf?

Uhm... somebody gave it to me.

Have you read it yet?

Do I need to answer that question?

I'm not forcing you or anything, but if you don't say anything, I'll tell other people about you reading super mature books.

Ok, then. Blackmailing me now, are you?

No, this is just negotiation.

It's blackmail. Admit it.

Are you going to answer the question or not?

I did.

You answered the question already or you read the book already?

I read the book already.

Well, then, that's great isn't it? So nice of you for answering.

I looked at the clock over the whiteboard.

Ah, the bell's going to ring soon. I'm going to borrow this book, alright, Jacob?

No you can't.

Why not? Teachers are supposed to let students borrow their books.

Awhile ago, you were just denying our teacher/student relationship.

No I never said such a thing. I just said that people with big age differences can fall in love too. So let me borrow this. I'll return it after I finish it.

I give up. I really do. You're just going to take it whether I say yes or no.

Good thing you understand me this well. Well, it's going to ring in less than minute. I better go and try to find my next class. Do you know how to get to room 305, AP Biology?

Yes. Just take a right from here, and turn left. It's somewhere in that hallway.

Thanks, Jacob. See you tomorrow. Or after school. After I finish the book, let's discuss it sometime. It does look pretty interesting.

He sighed. He probably just realized that no matter what, he'll be defeated by me.

Yeah, fine. But you have to come alone.

I was planning to anyways. Oh, yeah and before you said that whoever called you Jacob would be in for a surprise. What's that surprise of yours supposed to be, Ja-cob?

And with that, I left his classroom. The bell rang as soon as I reached the door. I put the book into my messenger bag and walked in the direction Jacob said to go. Right, then left.

305, here it is.

The rest of the classes were boring. I was good at memorization so I never studied. I took notes, just in case, but never studied over them. Everything the teachers said stayed in my head until the end of the year, until summer came again.

After school, I walked home with the book in my hand. My bag was light. I left all my notes and books in my locker, since I completed all of my homework already.

That night, I stayed up late reading the book. It was very interesting indeed. I couldn't stop reading about the girl's forbidden romance with her boyfriend, who was also her teacher.

No wonder Jacob didn't want me to read this book. This book is way mature. It's not appropriate for minors at all. This should be an 18+ book.

But who cares? I'm mature enough for this. I've read about things way worse than this. I mean, really. My mom's a romance author who writes for adults only, and my dad used to be a movie director, who directed adult movies. I've seen the adult world a long long time ago, even though I have no experience with it.

I put the book down at twelve and went to bed.