It was quite,

The street was silent.

Not even a child to be heard.

On that hot July day.


It was so peaceful

Some would say.

There is no reason for us to go out and play.


My fingers are so strong,

From these awesome video games.

I made a new record!

Sweet, I'm in my own Hall of Fame!!


Mom! Mom!

I just made a goal!

Let me save this,

Before we have to go.


I'm in the highscores,

With only myself to beat.

This is so easy,

But I still need a way to cheat.

Where is that cheat code?


It is no fair.

I've worked so hard,

My game broke.

But Oh Well,

I'll just put in a new one!!


Yep, here it is.

This is my...

Hold on, I'm gonna win!

One second...

Crap! You've made me lose!

Now I've gotta start over!

It took me 4 hours to get this far!


So, here it is.

He's gonna hit me!

This is my life.

Right! Turn right!!

Playing video games,

Yes!! I won! Yeah!!

Until late into the night.



Now, you're laughing aren't you? But this is so true. We spend all of our time on the computer and on video games, and we sound and look so stupid! I can be guilty of this sometimes too. We forget that there is stuff to do outside. Not the outdoors on the video game, but the TRUE outdoors. You know, the one outside of our house. The one God made? Remember that one. Yeah, that outdoors. It is just as fun as video games.