I gurgle
Not infant--

Like that river in Oregon from before I knew you
Bursting and plopping across itself
Trying to propel across its skinny limbs
Water and rocks thinned out along the mountainside
Riding itself all the way into larger waters
To be engulfed and spread apart
Turned a single self among the many
Whole and yet individual
Touching every beach along the world
Eating cliffs and licking babies

While lovers swim and men pull in the dwellers
Who swam too slow for nets and cages
And women shuffle looking among the graves
For seashells and sand dollars
Worth more than the currency tucked inside their purses
The same place where children laugh and mothers smile
An old man cries onto the polished rocks
While a young woman throws them in
Unleashing all her anger on an element who knows better than herself
It's all the stretches between Heaven and Hell

And it's beautiful

And I'm waiting to catch it inside myself
Though I'm still upriver
Rushing and trying to run
Through the predetermined flow
Shoving myself towards your ocean
Still feeling five years behind you
But knowing I'm closer yet

I'll empty myself
Into the collection of dew
Tossed upon a different world
Leagues above and us below
Woven into bliss