I sighed as I followed my adopted family into the restaurant. God, it sucks! I'm in New York City, my favorite band is playing at a place probably twenty minutes away, and I can't go. Why? Because I'm stuck in a restaurant with a family that I hate, and hates me back.

I tried very hard not to glare at my "mom" when she tapped me on the shoulder, she smiled at me.

"Honey, could you try to be a good person at dinner today, instead of the horrible wretch you usually are? We are meeting some very important business associates of your father's."

Wow, I smiled at her, and her eyes narrowed at me even as her plastic motherly smile stayed in place. Good job, mom. Way to go. You smiled at me the entire time, and to anyone who didn't hear what you said it looked like you were being sweet.

"Oh, I don't know, mom. I'm not sure I even know how to be a good person, after all I'm usually such a horrible wretch..." I trailed off, laughing to myself, internally of course. Don't want to push her too far, after all, my only protection is that we are currently in a public place.

She slid her arm around my waist and pulled me back. I was now standing next to her, and to an observer it would look like she was giving me a pep talk or telling me the names of the people we would be eating with, you never know with the rich bitch types.

She turned to me, shooting hate out her eyes, while smiling with her face. "Listen up you little slut," ah there's the mother I know and love, please note the sarcasm. "You will act civilly towards the men we are eating with. They are powerful, and anything you say or do will reflect badly on us. We need them, your father's business needs them, so you will do as I say, or you will suffer. Anything that goes wrong today will become a scar for you. Got it?" her nails dug into my side, when I didn't answer. "Do you understand me?" She hissed

I glared up at her, letting my loathing show through my eyes. "Of course I do."

My dad turned around to look at us, as he stood by the hostess station, "Come, Rochelle. I think Lynne has gotten the point."

The hostess gave him an odd look before she asked "Party of three?"

My father smiled down his nose at her, before saying. "No, it would be a party of four. We have reservations, though, so it doesn't matter. The reservation is under the name Alexander Periculosus Cruor."

The woman seemed to snap to attention, before she nodded and said stiffly "This way please."

"Wait," my father said with an air of authority "I need to go and get my son." He walked off to where Peter was standing, talking to the bartender.

"See," my mother hissed down at me. "These people hold weight in the world. They are important people, it's going to be two sons and their father. There are probably going to be more people than just them, but everyone that we will be eating with is very important."

Peter flicked some of his blond hair out of his eyes as he followed our dad back. Peter hung back by me while our father continued on so that he was at the head of our procession.

I hissed silently as I felt Peter press in close behind me, he was half behind me and half to the left of me, so that he could speak directly into my ear. "So, sister dear," Peter twisted my dark redish-brown hair around his finger. "Are you gonna be a good girl? Or am I finally gonna get to punish you? I bet you'd love my punishment..." he trailed off placing the hand that wasn't in my hair on my hip and sliding it upwards.

I shook him off, he chuckled, before stepping back, and giving me space.

"Here you are, sir," the hostess said, standing in front of a private room. She waited until my father gave her a short nod, before turning and walking away. She was in such a hurry to get away from us that she didn't even notice where she was going and ran straight waiter. The hostess and the waiter crashed to the floor, the food that the waiter had been carrying raining down upon them, showering them in soup, salad, and something that could only be described as slop.

It was probably very expensive slop, consider how fancy this restaurant was. I could just see rich people, dressed in their finest digging into a trough of slop; like pigs. I snickered silently; I don't want anyone to think that I was laughing at the poor hostess and waiter.

Unlike my father, who laughed. "Serves that little bitch right. She was disrespectful, I'm glad she got what she deserves."

My mother smiled, "Yes, dear, now let's go into our room. You don't want to keep Mr. Periculosus Cruor waiting."

"Right, now, remember everyone on their best behaviour. That means you Lynne." Dad gave me a hard stare, before leading the way into the room.

I scoffed, me, do anything? Yeah right. Peter or "mommy dearest" always say or do something, always scare people off, and then they find some way to blame me for it. I can just...

I stopped thinking, and walking when I stepped from the main floor of the restaurant into the, apparently sound tight room. The ambiance had changed significantly with one little step. I felt myself open my mouth and bare my teeth in an almost silent hiss as the atmosphere washed over me. It was thick with hostile tension, somehow the feeling instilled a fear upon you. You could almost hear it. Say one wrong word, do one wrong thing, and you will die.

I shuddered, closing my mouth on the hiss. God, I hope no one saw that. I shook myself, forcing the tension from my body. No one in my family had felt it, and if the men in this room where the ones causing the feeling they would probably be on the lookout for anyone who noticed it.

Looking around the room, my family appeared to be relaxed as they shook hands with an attractive brunette, and another man who was being blocked from my view by my dad. From what I could see I got the distinct feeling that the brunette was the emanating the hostile tension, and my guess is that the other man was probably doing the same.

"Come here, Lynne," my mother's sweet tone was at odds with the threat in her eyes. "I want to introduce you to these fine gentlemen."

I plastered a smile on my face, one that would hopefully look genuine to anyone who didn't know me well. In other words, everyone on the planet.

I walked over to them. It took all my concentration not to freeze as the tension emanating from the men began to overwhelm me.

"Hello," the tall brunette reached out his hand. God, he was tall too. About six two? Maybe six three. At least a foot taller than my five foot frame. He was muscular, but in a beach bum sort of way, although from his pale skin, you would think he hadn't seen the light of day in at least a year. And he was young, he couldn't be more than seventeen or eighteen. How could he be such an "important person" at such a young age? Although he is older than me...Whatever.

I looked into his clear voilet eyes, letting a smirk play over my features, before nodding at his offered hand, "Yeah, like I'm going to touch you."

He kept his face impassive, but there was a flash of something in his eyes. I shivered. Whatever had just flashed in his eyes wasn't nice.

My mother gasped. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Periculosus Cruor. I don't know what's gotten into her, she's just been so difficul-"

"It's alright, Rochelle," the other guy cut in, as he stepped out from behind the wall my family had formed unintentionallly in front of him. "Alexander doesn't mind."

"Holy shit," I breathed, as I gawked at him.

The guy was gorgeous, I thought the brunette had been nice looking, but this guy took my breath away. He was about the same height as his brother, maybe an inch or two taller, he couldn't be all that much older than his brother either, he was probably twenty, at the most. Too old for me, and he had these beautiful clear green eyes, and mahogany colored hair. He looked strong, and not in a body builder way, but in a "I got these muscles from doing manual labor" way, too bad he was out of my age range.

The guy had a ghost of a smile on his face, almost as though he knew what I had said, and knew why I said—Oh. Yeah. I was still gawking at him.

I pulled my jaw off the floor and tried to pretend I hadn't been looking at him like he was a pint of Vermonty Python ice cream.

"I'm Venetura, and as I mentioned before, this is my brother, Alexander," Mr. Gorgeous said. He looked at me, waiting for something. He sighed, "And you are?"

"Oh," I fought the blush trying to creep its way onto my cheeks. "I'm Lynne."

"Nice to meet you, Lynne," Alexander smirked, before taking a few fast steps toward me, grabbing my hand in a flash of movement that was almost impossible for me to see. He brought my hand to his lips. "Very nice to meet you," he murmured, before kissing my hand.

I stared at him, shocked, before looking around the room with wide eyes. The only one in the room, who wasn't surprised into silence, was Venetura, who pulled my hand away from his brother and led me to the table in the center of the room.

How did I miss the table and the four men sitting at it?! Of course I hadn't really noticed anything about the room other than the two very attractive males who greeted us, but still! How did I miss these men? They practically oozed danger.

Venetura pulled a chair out for me at the table, I looked at the four men uneasily before I sat down. Venetura smiled at me, after seating himself in the chair to my right. He looked expectantly at my family and Alexander, who were the only onse who were still standing.

"Please, sit," Venetura waved his hand in fluid motion at the four empty chairs.

I rolled my eyes when my mother shoved Peter out of the way so she could sit next to Alexander. How typical, if there was an attractive male near my mother, she made sure that she would find someway to be next to him or close to him so she could flirt. Who cares if he's a few decades younger than her? Who cares if she's married? She certainly doesn't.

The man at the head of the table cleared his throat, gaining the attention of everyone who was currently gawking at my mother's rude actions. Everyone that is, except Venetura.

Venetura's attention was focused solely on me. He gave me a half smile, before touching my shoulder, pulling me closer to him. I shivered when his breath tickled my ear, his lips brushed against my ear as they formed three words.

"Welcome to hell."

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