Over the Hills.

Act I; Scene I

Open to a mountain scene, where a group of five men wait. Three of them, dressed in thick gray furs and brown leathers stood by a small fire that had only just begun. Another one dressed in simple cloths stands on the edge of a cliff with a small black pipe up to his eye as he surveyed the countryside that lay past the mountains. The last man was dressed in little more than cloth rags like the look out, but he crouched near a small black box with a telephone to his ear.

Lookout: shouting "Hey Rico! Tell me when you're done with the Tube, I have a call to make too."

Rico: turning towards the look out "Yea, I just need to make this call" flips open the box to reveal a screen and dial. He begins to dial a number as watches as the screen comes to life. Suddenly a young girl's face, who could be no older than Six years old, appears on the screen.

Girl: smiling "Hi daddy, where are you?"

Rico: "Hey baby, I'm somewhere far away in a beautiful place" He looks over his shoulder "can you put mommy on?" The girl smiles and runs off, a few seconds later a woman with long dark hair appears on the screen.

Women: "Hey, where are you this time?"

Rico: "Unfortunately that's classified," he lets out a sigh and rubbed his eyes "This place is really something speci..." The screen is suddenly splattered with blood, and the man reaches his hand up to feel a pointed arrow tip logged in his chest, before slowly collapsing onto the small screen to muffle the hysterical voice of the women.

Lookout: Running down the slope to get to the camp "Horsemen! Horsemen!" Repeatedly shouts until the reaches the campfire, where the other three men have drawn swords to fend off their attackers. Before the Lookout can reach the other men he is slashed across the back by a rider's sword, and slowly slumps to the ground.

The Scene goes black

Scene II

Voice: "Hey, Qin, wake up" a dull voice says as the darkness is lifted, and the Lookout slowly opens his eyes

Qin: trying to sit up "what happened?"

Voice: "We were ambushed by some of the locals, Rico's gone, and the Com-link is dead." The man said as he shook his head and stood up.

Qin: weakly "But Sarge, what about back up?"

Voice: "I'm only a sergeant, you'll have to ask the Captin' that"

Captain: Walking over to the two men. "How you doing Qin?" Looks down at his wounded comrade.

Qin: looking up weakly "I think I can…" begins to cough up blood, but is stopped as the Sergeant injects him with a syringe.

Sergeant: slowly stands up and shakes his head as Qin body goes rigid and then relaxes "We need to get him out of here, his spinal cord is almost completely severed, and he lost a lot of blood while those damn Khergin Riders were trying to kill us to."

Captain: "There was nothing we could have done, they came from our blind spot" clenching a fist "Rico died before he knew what happened, and Qin is going to die soon as well"

Sergeant: "I know sir." Looking down at Qin "The poor kid is barely Twenty, I'll try and make his passing as easy as I can"

Captain: Going into his fur coat, he pulls out a small black gun, that barely fit in the size of his hand "Let me help you then" He holds the gun out towards the Sergeant "If we waste resources on a dead man, then it is just that, wasted. Make him go gbvvvbg isn't around"

Joan: running up to the Captain and Sergeant "What the hell Prae!?" Looking down at Qins body then back up at the Captain "We could have radioed for evac gods damn it!" swings an arm towards the black box which was still covered in Rico's blood.

Prae: nonchalantly "You mean try to radio in," he looks past Joan, who had begun to raise a fist to him. "The Vid-links gone and Com-link dead. We need to continue with our mission of studying the people on this continent."

Joan: turning away in disgust "We could have at least tried to save Qin!" He turns to the Sergeant "Right Omi?"

Omi: "Sergeant… my name to you, is Sergeant" Begins to walk away before suddenly leaping towards the side of the cliff "Khergin!"

Before the others could react, half a dozen men on horses rush towards the men with swords drawn and arrows knocked. In a matter of seconds Prae's sword is out just in time for him to deflect a blow from one of the riders. But unlike Prae, Joan could not draw his sword in time to sally off his enemy. He began to run from the fight, but was hit in the back by an arrow. Omi drew his sword, but when he went to pivot a blow from one of the foes, the sword seemingly turned to glass, and shattered at the enemies attack, which sliced into the man's shoulder and neck.

Horseman: riding in a circle around Prae "Surrender peasant. Perhaps if you do Lord Aka will be merciful on you"

Prae: Laughing "Perhaps it is I who should be merciful on you"

At this a horseman charged Prae from behind, and swung the flat of his blade towards his head. With a ring the sword bounced off Prae's head as he slipped to the ground unconscious. One of the horsemen dismounted and dragged Prae to his horse, where he was lifted over the horses flanks, then bound at his wrists and ankles. The deed was done and Prae opened an eye and gave a smirk, his unplanned adventure had just begun.