41 School Street- 7:30 am- Girls' Bathroom

"I don't like it at all, Bridgette. If this works, I'm going to flip out." Sarah hissed at me from within the stall.

"Honestly- don't you want to know the truth?" I asked her. "Besides, we're just going to scare them. Then maybe- just maybe- they'll finally leave us alone."

It was a well known fact that Erica and Marley made a daily pilgrimage to the girls' bathroom every day at 7:30 to touch up their makeup before first period. During this time, by decreed law, no other girl was allowed in the bathroom. We would already be tweaking their noses by just being here. Surely that would lead to something.

Although Lacey had begged us to be involved, Sarah insisted that she had to go directly to class and stay there. It was for Lacey's own safety, in case "the shit really went down". We had no idea how Erica and Marley would react. They might only laugh at us, or they might seriously kick our asses.

My nerves were getting shaky. I wrung my hands together, stretching a breathing slowly to calm down. This probably wouldn't even work, I told myself.

"I'm worried" Sarah whispered "What if that Elizabeth Bathory really is Bloody Mary? A human ghost is one thing, but a vampire ghost- especially one that likes to torture and then slaughter teenage girls..." Sarah shivered, unable to finish the sentence.

Well yeah. I had thought of that. We were teenage girls.

Suddenly, the door creaked open, and the clack of heels resounded from the tile floor. They were talking and laughing. Sarah and I froze, hoping they wouldn't check for feet under the bathroom stalls. I watched the two of them through a crack in the stall. They were both holding identical makeup bags.

"So are we going to call her again tonight?" Marley asked. "I had lots of fun the first time. Too bad our prediction didn't come true." I wondered who they were talking about.

"Sure" Erica sighed apathetically. "Although I'd prefer pranking on Sarah rather than on Bridgette. I hate her a lot more."

Oh my God- the phone call! It had been from these two! Damn! They woke me up. Jerks.

"They both piss me off." Marley added. "But I know why Sarah deserves it more. She's a stupid ugly whore who can't keep her eyes off of other people's boyfriends."

"Don't remind me. Ever since Chad was in eighth grade he's been obsessed with her. She's not even pretty. What the hell?"

"She must have been flirting with him. I'm sure she would, just to spite you behind your back. How dare she? Chad's been yours for a long time. She's a skanky slut"

Wow. The things you hear when you're eavesdropping. So that explained Erica's wrath for Sarah. Chad was one of her neighbors ever since she was a kid. They used to play over at each other's houses. Erica began dating Chad freshman year. I never imagined he had a crush on Sarah.

Sarah and Erica were complete opposites. I always supposed that was one source of dispute. But it was in their similarities- the heart of a tall, dark haired guy, that made them rivals.

"Let's try to run them over again afterschool. With any luck, we'll hit our mark this time" Erica suggested.

"Won't we get in trouble if we do?" Marley was applying lip gloss in the mirror.

"I'll probably loose my lisence, which would suck, but I'm still a minor- so I'd get off with a slap on the wrist. The world will have one or two less retards." Erica laughed heartlessly.

Holy crap. I knew they were mean, but this was just plain evil.

Sarah looked at me, holding an unlit white candle. She nodded. She was ready.

I quietly took the lighter from my pocket and lit the candle.

We flung the stall door open. It swung wide and crashed against the next stall.

Sarah and I ran towards the big mirror.

Marley and Erica watched us, mouths open, bewildered and angry.

Sarah looked at me. It all seemed to be in slow motion. We began chanting in unison, quietly at first. We timed it perfectly with each other. Our voices became one. Even as I heard what was coming out of my mouth, it sounded horrible and eerie.

"Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary... Bloody Mary" Both of us remained completely serious. There was the awful anticipation in my stomach again as Sarah held the candle to the mirror.

Erica guffawed. "That's it? You really are retarded."

I screamed at the mirror, watching my reflection "Bloody Mary I killed your baby!"

It echoed through the bathroom. The fluorescent lights dimmed slightly, and then flickered. They buzzed back on for a few seconds, and then went out completely. The bathroom was completely dark.

I heard Sarah gasp suddenly. She held the tiny candle to the mirror still, and a face began to take shape. Long silky hair- jet black and beautiful, framing a thin, pale face. It was impossible to tell if I was really seeing this. The woman seemed to be smiling.

"You're a bunch of freaks!" Erica shouted, in the darkness I heard her feet shuffle towards us.

"Erica- no!" Marley reached out and grabbed Erica's arm.

A low rumble reverberated through the school. I would have said it was a minor earthquake.

The smiling face in the mirror changed expressions, her mouth opened wide, and I saw a long pair of fangs. They weren't pretty and white like I always pictured a vampire's fangs either. They were thin and yellow and curved backward, like a snake's fangs.

My heart rose up to my throat, and I instinctively reached up and held my neck. No one was going to bite me today.

The tiny flame flickered. Sarah's hand was shaking uncontrollably. Wax dripped down onto the floor.

"This is un-Christian!" Marley accused. She was pointing her finger at me. Her breath came in little gulps. I'd never seen her afraid before.

Intense fear washed over me. My plan was to do just this- but I wasn't expecting it to work. Now I wished I had just let them beat the crap out of me and have it over with. I knew I could never live this down. Rumors would be spread far and wide that I was a freak.

All the while the face in the mirror was becoming more prominent and three dimensional. The room was shaking. I couldn't balance on my feet correctly. I fell to the floor, keeping watch over the mirror.

The countess looked beautiful, and dangerous, all at once. One long thin arm began to reach out soothingly, with gorgeous long fingernails. She reached out to me tenderly. Her skin was so fair and flawless.

She caressed my cheek as a mother would, and I half enjoyed it. The other half of me felt like I was going to be sick.

Sarah's knees were shaking. "Bridgette," she whispered "Get out of there!"

Marley and Erica both watched in extreme disgust. They each whispered something to each other. The countess looked up- her eyes became deep red, and she showed her fangs. Her pale face flushed so quickly that she became even more beautiful. But she was no longer interested in me.

Everything happened so quickly. I felt a harsh strike across my face, burning like fire. All of the sudden I came to my senses and got up, eager to take the hand Sarah offered.

We ran to the door, pausing to look back as the countess placed an arm around Marley and one around Erica. The air became thick with a humming sound. In the mirror I could see the glow of torches and a stone wall. A thousand faint voices whispered; "Such beautiful girls, so young." A sonic boom then knocked us both to the ground. Some kind of electricity surged outward from the mirror, and Sarah's candle went out.

It was now totally black. I felt a warm wet liquid in my jeans. I had peed my pants, I realized.

After a few moments, the lights came back on in the bathroom, buzzing at first. I frantically turned to the corner of the bathroom by the mirror. Nothing was there. No Vampire Countess. No Marley- no Erica. They had vanished.

"Oh my God!" Sarah cried, tears pouring down her face. "We've just committed murder."

Her voice echoed in the empty bathroom.

A strong sound of silence- hauntingly quiet.

I pressed my lips together.

"No one can ever know about this." I told her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "We'll just say we never saw them. There's no reason to suspect us."

"Okay?" I asked her- perhaps a bit too forcefully.

She slowly dragged her eyes to mine.

Sarah stared at me, eyes wide. "Bridgette- your face!"

I stood up and looked in the mirror. Four nasty slashes had cut across my face, and they bled at each end.