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It's strange, the way I felt as I made my way over to the Dojo.

It wasn't necessarily fear, but it certainly made me a bit uncomfortable. Anxiety?

Regardless, I was nervous, very nervous. After just coming to terms with the fact that I may have been more interested in Daniel than I cared to admit out loud, I decided maybe I should see if he was even into guys. Chances were that he wasn't, but that still didn't mean that he might not be interested. I've had straight guys come onto me before.

But that didn't mean anything was going to come out of this. My rational, intelligent side was merely humoring my selfish, irrational side. Nothing good could come of this. Nothing.

However, I was still very nervous. Did I mention that?

Marie was waiting by the door, counting change once again. Apparently that was a big deal for her, counting change. She noticed me walk up and waved.

"Aren't you excited? I'm just so happy! I finally get to have someone I like work with me! Don't worry, Weg, I'll show you the ropes and before you know it, you'll have so many friends you won't know what to do with them!"

"Well, I already don't know what to do with them," I forced myself into a maniacal grin. "Poison or push into traffic?"

She laughed at my threat, "Oh, Weg. You're such a hoot! But I know you could never kill anyone! So you're gonna ask Daniel out on a date tonight after work, aren't you?"

DAMMIT! How the fuck did she know!?

"No!" I shouted.

She looked at me, as though urging me to continue.

"I'm busy tonight... I was thinking tomorrow since it's Friday..." I mumbled. She squealed like the rabid fangirl I knew she secretly was and wrapped me in the biggest bear hug someone her size could possibly give.

"I'm so excited for you! Do you want me to be with you, or do you want to do it yourself?"

"I don't think it really matters..." I was blushing.

"No, it really doesn't," I heard as a reply.

I nodded, then realized that it wasn't Marie who just said that. It was someone behind me who sounded suspiciously like...

"DANIEL!" I shouted, spinning around, my face most likely twisted in a priceless expression of horror. I stood there, looking at him, perfectly frozen.

He looked especially hot today, and he was smirking that silly smirk that suddenly looked so sexy and luckily Marie was there or I probably would've attacked him for putting me in this sort of situation (and not the good sort of attack either...).

"What time do you want me to pick you up?" he asked, winking at me and practically causing Marie to swoon from cuteness overload.

"You know, you really shouldn't eavesdro– WHAT!?" I was thoroughly shocked. Pick me up? Holy shit!

"Time? You said you wanted to go on a date tomorrow. I'm free. What time do you want me to drop by?" he explained slowly, running his fingers through his thick curly black hair like a model would.

"You don't even know where I live!" I forfeited, trying to find a way out of this conversation. This was not how I had planned it. Not even a little bit!

"Of course I do. You gave your address when you signed up for the class. It's not far from here at all..." he trailed off, probably so he wouldn't laugh at my fish-like expressions of shock.

I froze up, absolutely unable to reply. Marie looked at me, urging me to say something before she sighed.

"He'd like you to drop by at five-thirty and he wants to go see a movie. Preferably an action or horror flick. Oh, and he says that he'll pay for himself, so don't worry about it, unless you feel the bizarre need to pay for him so you can make him your bitch or something," Marie instructed. I still couldn't speak, but surprisingly, if I could, I would've said just that (except for the bitch part, I think she spiced that on herself...). Why is it that everyone seems to know what I'm thinking? Is the world out to get me, or something?

Daniel nodded, "Got it. Tell Weg I'd be happy to pay for him since I'm sure, being a college student, he probably doesn't have the greatest budget."

I really couldn't speak. It was like my tongue had swollen to gargantuan sizes or something.

"Weg says that he is taking Tae Kwan Do lessons, after all, so he does have some money. And that he has no idea why he mentioned payment in the first place. And he also thinks we should go inside since the lesson starts in two minutes."

Daniel nodded, "Good idea. Don't forget to pull on the door, Weg," he mocked, winking. I opened and closed my mouth before regaining my composure, huffing, yanking the door open, and once again storming inside. Marie followed quickly. I swore I heard Daniel crack up.

The lesson went by pretty quickly. I murdered a few more dummies because I was so embarrassed and ashamed at myself for losing my composure so quickly. Daniel was still cocky (ignore the poor choice of words), but he didn't really bug me so much today. I suppose he realized he needed to help the other people who were also paying him good money and expected proper education.

Since we had lessons Thursdays, Fridays, and Tuesdays, he bid us all adieu until next week. He told us that we would begin sparring against each other next week for practice and it might be wise to find a partner.

Mostly everybody moved away from me when he said that, which only pissed me off even more, but luckily Marie ran over to me and grabbed my hand so I didn't feel lonely. I was almost grateful... Almost.

"See you tomorrow, Weg!" Daniel smiled. No, not smirked, he smiled.

Ugh... I think I'm going to puke from how absolutely adorable that was.

"Shut up!" I yelled back. Everyone had left already and I was working on it. "Just don't be late!"

I stormed off, Marie tagging along behind me.

Marie squealed, "I think you handled that rather nicely! He totally stared at your ass as you left!" Marie pulled out her purse and once again counted out four quarters and put it in her pocket.

"Why are you always counting change?" I asked, eyeing her suspiciously. I wondered if she was even more insane than I was.

"Because I like to get a brownie whenever I go on my shift."

"Don't you get a discount or something? A dollar seems a bit pricy..." I muttered.

She nodded, "They're free. I give them four quarters as a tip. It's only polite, ya know?"

I ignored her and continued walking.

"So, did you fill out your form?"

"Nope," I said, not really caring. I didn't really feel like working today anyway. Maybe they'd just let me go home.

"Oh. Well, that's ok 'cause I filled one out for you!" she divulged, handing me a form with all of my personal information on it. And I mean all of it.

"How the fuck did you get my social security number?" I asked, both impressed and horrified.

"I have my sources," she sighed, winking. I suddenly was very afraid.

"Are you going to steal my identity?" I asked, starting to get mad.

She giggled, "Of course not! Silly!"

I raised an eyebrow at her, but continued walking.

We arrived at Looks Like a Bookstore, Huh? A minute later. Marie had begun gushing about some awesome techno band she had found called ATC and they had the coolest cutest songs ever. I tuned her out, mostly because I hated techno with a passion.

"I'll burn you a CD, ok?" she offered, grinning sweetly. I ignored her and pushed open the glass doors.

There were actually people buying stuff today. I also noticed today there were people working the coffee shop, and it smelled really good.

I was suddenly thankful that we got free food! I was going to work that for all it's worth!

"Oh, and Weg? We don't get more than one free item per day. And we can't get free food outside our shifts, so don't get any funny ideas, ok?"

I deflated. I don't know why, but I was starting to get used to her knowing exactly what I was thinking at any given time.

There were two people at the cash register, two girls, and when they saw us, they automatically dropped the bags of the customers they were serving, and walked off, much to the dismay of those were trying to buy they're books.

"Good luck, new guy!" one of the girls said, and the other cackled evilly.

Marie waved sweetly as they walked out the door, then leaned over and muttered 'Ignore them, they're total bitches. They only work here because they're Mason's nieces. His sister is freaking ancient!'

'How old is he?' I whispered back.

'Twenty-seven,' she muttered dreamily.

'Why are we whispering? Shouldn't we go take care of the customers?' I hissed back.

"Oh yeah!" she yelled, rushing over to the front desk. "So sorry for the wait. How are you today? I want to apologize for the other two. They're a bit high maintenance... why of course! No, we don't take plastic. Why of course you can write a check! Have a great day, you two!"

I gaped. She just handled two customers in fifteen seconds, and turned them from disgruntled to cheerful! I was impressed! She really was an intense people person.

She motioned for me to go behind and join her. I quickly followed.

"We'll give Mason the sheet later. Right now is good practice. Ok, there are three things you have to know: how to work the register, how to talk to someone, and how to smile," she explained, regarding my scowl.

"I don't really smile that often..." I muttered. She sighed, and then opened her register (there were two) register and waved a twenty in front of my face. "If you want money, I suggest you start showing off those pearly whites," she taunted.

I did my very best, and I know it looked like a grimace, but I smiled. It wasn't like I didn't know how, I had grinned maniacally at the beginning of this chapter. Mostly it was just that I didn't know how to be friendly.

My sister and I used to talk, but ever since I met Kise, she said I turned into a bitter asshole and to call her once I pulled Kise's pole out of my ass.

...It was certainly crude, which is why I didn't really pay attention to it. I had always been an angry person, but it really didn't bother her until I started to take it out on people.

"Maybe that's why he left me..."

"What?" Marie said, looking over at me. She was taking care of a customer while I zoned out, pondering.

"Oh, nothing," I quickly stated. I don't have much of a filter, so I tend to think out loud a lot.

She frowned, but grabbed my hand and pulled me forward.

Some customer was waiting behind my cash register. It was some old lady with a handbag that was clutching her book with hostility, eyeing me suspiciously.

"I want to buy this book," she stated. I looked at her book and then looked at her.

"Ok, then buy it," I retorted. She scowled.

"It's 7.50." She glared at me, as though willing me to see some hidden meaning in her words.

"That's great. I'm happy for you. Now hand it over so I can scan it," I ordered, growing annoyed.

Marie and her customer (a twelve-year-old-ish girl with pigtails and gapped teeth) were now watching intently.

She held it against her, refusing to give it to me, "Just type the price in your damn cash register, give me the total, and I'll give you the money."

"Just let me scan it!" I ordered more forcefully.

"NO!" she screamed.

I lunged at her, grabbing her book, "Give it to me, dammit! If you don't hand it over, I'll tear your fucking face off!" I yelled, trying to pull the book from her clutches. She whacked me a few times with her handbag, but that just made it easier for me to pry the book out of her hands.

"You little bastard! STOP IT!" she screamed as I ripped the book from her grip, panting heavily. I glared at her, and then flipped the book over. Marie leaned in to see, too, but I made sure she couldn't see. She huffed grumpily, but waited.

I quickly looked at the cover.

And then an evil smirk painted my lips with it's velvety malice.

"I-I-you!" she stuttered with rage. But then the smirk evaporated as I realized how stupid she was being.

"Oh, shut up," I stated, causing her to close her mouth. I held up the cover to her, which presented a half-naked man ravishing a woman with curly brown hair beneath silky pink sheets. The title was some sappy shit like 'Ode to my Lover' or something.

"This," I explained, pointing to the sexy man, "Is nothing to be ashamed of. Even I sometimes read this shit. So stop freaking out on me because it pisses me off!"

"Everything pisses you off!" Marie piped in. Both of us ignored her.

The lady's face turned bright red. I scanned the book, and she gave me a ten. I gave her the change, and she left without a word.

Mason walked up to us, his mouth hanging open.

"Um... Weg?" he asked, his face emotionless.

I sighed, "Yeah, I know the drill. Do I at least get payed for the hour I worked?"

Marie gasped, the young girl now looking really impatient because Marie had completely forgotten about her. "Oh my GOD, Weg! He's not gonna fire you! You just stood up to Mrs. Swan!"

Mason nodded, thoroughly excited. "She's been coming here for years, doing practically everything in her power to sneak books out of here without us knowing what she's taken. We all knew she was reading trashy romances, but she still would leave a ten on the shelve and slip out, without a word,"

I blinked, "Ok... so why'd she come up to the register today?" I really didn't care. All I really needed to know was that I still had a job and they hadn't fired me for wrestling with an old lady for her smut.

Marie pointed to the romance section which had a huge sign above it saying 'This particular section is under strict surveillance! Please take your book and pay for it at the front desk! Thank you!'


"Yeah, we figured that would be obvious enough," Mason sighed, but then perked up, "So you are totally cool, now! In fact..." he trailed off, his eyes grazing over my body, which unfortunately for him wasn't really showed underneath my baggy work-out clothes. He seemed to enjoy it thoroughly, however. "You're more than cool."

He smiled lustily. I would've slapped him, but Marie looked pissed enough for the both of us, and I knew she'd give him hell later, so I just sat down and grabbed a notepad and a pen and started doodling.

The customers were dwindling anyway. I'd just make Marie take care of the rest of them. I wasn't used to having to be so nice to my customers! God!

Mason coughed, took my form, and walked off. Marie looked really pissed.

The twelve-year-old girl stamped her foot and Marie turned, most likely giving her a death glare, scanned her book, took her money, and threw the change at her, pointing to the door, "Get lost!" she ordered.

"Bitch!" the girl yelled, and stomped off.

"Right back at you, whore!" Marie screamed.

I looked up from my half finished doodle. On second thought...

"Marie, why don't you take a break. I'll take care of the rest of these people, and I'll be nice, I swear."

She turned around, as though surprised that I was there, and then forced a smile. "Ok, that sounds great," she grinned cutely, as though nothing had happened. I switched her seats, just as a nerdy dude walked up, with a huge pile of Spiderman comics.

I didn't maul him, which was pretty lucky. But he kept griping about how I was getting fingerprints all over the comics.

"Hey, you know what?"

"What?" he asked.

I rubbed my hands all over the final comic, "Shut the fuck up."

He gasped, appalled. "Oh my–"

"That'll be 30.22," I cut him off. He glared beneath his thick frames, and handed me a fifty.

I gave him his change, put the comics in a bag (taking extra care to be rough and bend the covers) and handed them over. "Have a nice day."

He stormed off. I sighed, proud of how I had kept my composure.

"Hey, Weg?" Marie asked.

"What?" I turned around, expecting her to congratulate me. Instead she was staring at my doodle.

"You're really awesome!" she exclaimed.

My eyes widened, "You shouldn't look at other people's stuff..." I mumbled. I had drawn a rough outline of the back of her head. It was nothing special. I was just bored.

"But it's awesome! I can't draw. I'm going training to be a nurse," she explained.

"I don't care. Give that back."

She smiled and handed it over. I took it and sat down, my back to her. There was a moment of silence.

"So... a nurse, huh?" I mumbled.

"Yeah! I'm really excited! I've always been really good with blood and I can give people shots without even flinching! That seems to be a major skill among those in the medical field..."

"Oh... cool," I murmured. I was actually being... friendly? This was way too weird. I don't know why, but Marie was different than my other friends.

My other friends and me didn't talk much. We pretty much just sat around doing fun stuff, but really no interacting. It wasn't a bad thing. I was certainly content. But with Marie, I actually sort of cared about what she thought.

After working a bit longer, Marie dashed off to buy us brownies from the sexy guy at the coffee shop who's been glancing our way every once in a while and winking.

It flustered me quite a bit, so I decided to stay behind. I wasn't really eager to interact with people I would be spending more than an hour with every day. Especially ones who were flirting with me.

And I'm pretty sure those winks were for me, since he made eye-contact.

...But maybe I was just being paranoid?

Anyway, the brownies were delicious. I didn't usually eat sweets because I hate them, but I had never had these things before. Marie brought them over, and I was surprised at how huge they were! I mean, they could feed three starving people! It was ridiculous! And they were really warm and soft and slightly flaky and... it was like heaven, ok?

So while I was enjoying it, and probably making really wanton noises of pleasure in the process, Mr. Coffee Dude strolled over with one of his own and sat down with us.

"Oh! Yay!" Marie exclaimed, and quickly offered him a chair. I looked around for some excuse to shun him, but there were no customers, and he had already closed the coffee shop. In fact, Mason had left a half hour ago. We were supposed to be closing the place, but instead contented ourselves with sitting around doing nothing while the janitor cleaned up, mumbling about how lazy today's youth is. He had a moustache and wore a blue jumpsuit.

So he sat down, and held his hand out to me, taking care not to drop his chocolate orgasm. "I'm Whitney," he said, smiling warmly. He was tan... really tan. And had a Spanish accent, shiny black hair that he kept in a ponytail, and he was tall. Like, really tall. And muscled. But not really muscled.

"I'm Weg," I muttered, not put my hand in his, which was really big, compared to mine, and looked rough.

He gracefully pulled it back, not even looking fazed. He must've expected that I wouldn't shake his hand.

Marie was once again smirking at me, as though she was in on an inside joke. I gave her my best look that said 'WHAT!? STOP STARING AT ME!' but she just grinned. God, she's schizophrenic or something.

"So, you're quite the character, aren't you?" he asked, taking a bite of his brownie. I suddenly lost all appetite for mine, which was half finished, and quickly dropped it in the garbage. Marie gasped, but I quickly stood up.

"I'm leaving," I told them. I took my bag and began to walk out, already having entered my hours into the system after Marie showed me how.

"WAIT!" Marie screamed, jumping up. She grabbed my arm. I turned, shocked.

"I have to go take care of my sick dog so could you stay and help Whitney close up? All you need to do is go through the books and make sure there aren't any ones that are in the wrong place. It's really easy! Ok? It'll only take twenty minutes tops, and then you just need to lock up, ok? Please? My dog needs you!" she cried. I took pity on her unfortunate soul (though normally I would relish the pain she was feeling -insert evil laugh-), even though I didn't really want to stick around with this guy. He put me on edge.

She quickly kissed me on the cheek, then left. I was shocked, but got over it. Whitney was leaning against the counter, looking at me expectantly.

Well, at least the grumpy janitor was still around to protect me...

"Ok, guys. I have to go ravish my husband! Have fun, enjoy your youth!" the janitor explained.

I made a face that obviously said 'WTF!?'

The janitor laughed, waved, and ran off.

So... that left me... and Whitney.


I nervously walked over to the shelves, glancing over them, while he followed. Usually, I wasn't nervous, I was pissed. But right now, I was nervous.

"So... Uh... What made you decide to be a..." I stuttered, trying to make small talk.

"Barista?" he offered, looking innocently amused. I knew I was blushing as I nodded, "Well, mostly because I needed a job. It's not a full-time thing, silly. I'm getting my Doctorate in English," he explained.

"So, how old are you?" I asked, feeling stupid.

"Twenty-four. You?"

"Twenty," I muttered. I wasn't really looking at books.

He got up and walked over to me, and before I knew what had happened, I was shoved against the bookcase, he lips smashed against mine.

I tried to push him off, but he grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head in one of his hands, grazing his tongue across my lips, his other hand caressing my waist.

I don't know why, but for some reason I melted into it, my mouth parting for his tongue to slide in, filling my mouth with it. It was warm, and tasted like brownies and licorice. I hesitantly pecked my tongue against his, which caused him to shove his tongue even more forcefully into my mouth, so that I was inhaling his breath.

He breathed loudly through his nose. I couldn't tell if his eyes were open or closed, since I had long since closed mine.

We made-out for a while, and I started to move my mouth on his, my blood starting to bubble to the surface as I gasped to the sweet friction our skin made. But soon my arms got numb as he held them above my head, and I'm sure his arm was getting tired, too, so I briefly struggled, sighing as I tried to deliver the hint.

He let go of my arms, and wrapped his arm around my waist, so that his hand met his other hand, and he grabbed the back of my shirt, lifting it over my head, breaking our kiss for a second, while I almost came to my senses and pushed him off.

Almost... but then his lips were back on mine and my senses were more focused on that than what I should be doing.

I desperately grasped for his shirt, thankful it was a button-up shirt, and undid each one, while eagerly letting my tongue play with his.

It slid off easily, and for a second I took in his muscled, tan chest. He smelled like he tasted, and I started to get impatient.

He pulled me around, his lips clamped on mine, and pushed me onto a beanbag in the reader's section. He knelt down, pulling off my stretchy work-out shorts and my underwear in one go, and engulfed my hard member in the heat of his mouth.

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelped, as he forced my cock so far in that every inch of it was consumed. I wrapped my legs around his neck, clutching his hair feverishly, as his tongue swirled around my cock, enticing it with his oh-so hot throat.

I thought I was going to pop, and I could feel my cheeks burning as I squealed like a whore.

Before I knew it, I exploded in his mouth, yelling and panting, feeling suddenly really needy.

"Whitney, I–" I started before he stood up, shoving down his pants. Suddenly I was really more interested in his cock.

It was... really big. Way bigger than Kise's. At least three inches longer and maybe an inch thicker.

This was gonna hurt...

He knelt down, putting it in front of my face, shoving it in my mouth, and pumping it in and out.

I swore I was going to choke on it, before he moaned really loudly, and pulled it out, forcing me to flip over and he propped me up on my knees while my face was pressed against the beanbag. I was breathing so heavily that soon the leathery material underneath my face was moist with condensation. But I didn't have time to focus on that.

He spat in his hand, and rubbed my own CUM around my entrance! I thought he had swallowed it, but he must've been keeping it in his mouth for a few seconds! The very thought made me grow hard again.

He shoved a finger up my ASS and HOLY FUCK it hurt, mostly because his fingers were pretty big themselves and I was not used to having things shoved up my butt.

"Ah! Whitney! That hurts, dammit!" I yelped.

"God! It's because you're so damn tight!" he half-moaned, half-scolded. He shoved his finger in even deeper, causing me to start squirming. It hurt, but it was so deep that it started to feel really good. But then he pulled it out and pushed it back in, and that hurt.

"You're so tight, Weg," he completely moaned.

"Whitney! Fuck me, dammit!" I yelled, starting to get pissed off. Enough with the damn foreplay!

"It'll hurt if I don't loosen you up a little, babe," Whitney murmured.

"I don't fucking care! Just DO ME!" I yelled, moaning as he inserted another finger. "It'll be so tight if you just do it now!"

He hesitated before pulling out his fingers, and positioning his penis so it was pressing against my asshole. It was slick, especially since he was starting to leak pre-cum, and I absolutely couldn't stop moaning as he started to push in, the blood crashing in my ears.

I clamped around him, able to feel every groove and vein on his dick as he slid through the walls inside me. It was like sticking your hand in a rubber glove. I melted around him, completely encasing him.

He moaned even louder than I did, and ran his hand along my back, which rippled pleasure down until it reached my groin, reminded me of the painful erection that waited there.

Whitney was now fully inside of me, his hands sliding along every inch of me, before he started to pull back out.

"Ah! FUCK!" I yelled, hissing as it burned. He stopped for a second, everything was pulsing. He was breathing so heavily that my breaths started to match his.

I knew I was bleeding, but I didn't even care. The blood sort of dulled the pain a little. Plus, I could tell it wasn't much.

"Keep going! Don't stop, bastard!" I yelled, his hands snuck they're way until they were around my cock. They were still slick from my cum so he rubbed it, making me forget every pain that I was feeling elsewhere. Until, he slammed back into me.

The world crashed around me as I screamed into the intense pleasure that one movement gave me. I had heard of the prostate being really intensely awesome, but I though it was just a lie to make gay guys wanna have sex more.

Now I knew how amazing it felt.

"Please... do it again..." I begged, horrified at how desperate I was.

He pulled out once again, then slammed in even harder than the first time.

"AH!" I screamed, and he grabbed my waist, pulling me up so my back was pressed against his hot chest. His hands wrapped around me, one running itself over my chest, the other stroking my member as he slid out and pushed back in less forcefully, but still making the sweet connection I never knew existed.

He started to press his lips against my neck as he thrust in and out, trailing his tongue along my collar bone. I yelled every time he slammed in, and gasped with every stroke.

He was still moaning, but he was in control again, focusing on making me writhe, which only increased the painfully sweet friction between us.

I started to move my hips to match his cock slamming into me, and he nipped my neck, making me yelp. His hand left my chest and started to play with my hair. I panted, still moaning, as I started to grow close to the edge.

But after a few minutes I got tired of the position. It wasn't allowing him to put enough force into his thrusts, so I pushed myself off of him, leaning forward and keeping myself up by pushing my hands against the wall, so I was almost leaned over all the way.

While I was doing this, I started to rub against him in all the right ways.

"God DAMMIT, Weg!" he yelled, grabbing my hips, and slamming into me and pulling out and throwing himself in, over and over, in a quickening tempo, while I shouted every time.

His hands left my cock to squeeze my waist, but that was ok because I was so close to coming it didn't matter.

"Whitney! FUCK ME HARDER!" I cried out, before tensing and spurting all over the beanbag beneath me. He absolutely crashed into me, making me scream, before I clenched around him, not allowing him to even move, I was so tight.

I pulsed around him, and soon he yelled as he shot hot cum inside me.

It felt... odd, but so good. It was so deep that it almost felt like it was in my stomach, but I didn't know enough about anatomy to know where it really was, nor did I really care. All I could think about was how it felt as he started softening inside me.

I collapsed, my hands slipping off the wall as my face smacked against the beanbag.

"Ow..." I whined. He started laughing, his cock still inside me and he laid down against me, kissing my cheek, and playing with my hair, his chest warming me even further.

It was nice. I lazily closed my eyes, before they shot open as I realized something.

"You didn't wear a condom," I pointed out. It wasn't an accusation, like I had intended it to be. It was more like a fact, one that I was ok with.

"No, I didn't," he agreed.

"You'd better not have something that could kill me," I warned him. I could handle chlamydia or herpes, but I didn't want something like AIDS. But if I got anything at all, I was going to be really pissed and make him pay the hospital fees.

"I should say the same to you," he replied, breathing against my cheek.

"Well, I don't have anything, so shut up," I ordered, and then smirked, but didn't let him see.

For just an instant I was actually... happy. Which hadn't happened in a while, in case you haven't noticed.

"Well, I'm gonna go home and take a shower since you made me bleed," I told him. He got off me, pulling out gently.

"Fuck..." I muttered. I felt really empty now.

"You? Again?" he asked, looking excited.

"No! Not me! I was just saying it because it felt weird. Now get the hell off me. I need to go home and feed my cat before she dies,"

He grinned as I got dressed, "Alright! See you tomorrow Weg."

"Yeah, whatever," I replied. I quickly got up and left him naked and lying on a beanbag. I must tell you, it was a provocative sight.

The walk home sucked. I was really sore. Like really sore. It didn't help matters that I hadn't had sex in forever, and then went off and fucked some guy with an enormous dick. That just wasn't smart of me.

My apartment door had another envelope on it, but I threw it away and walked inside.

I closed to door slowly.

Turned around.

Leaned against it.

And smiled.

A/N: OMG! I know! That was totally random! I wanted to have a sex scene between him and Mason, but as my plot developed, I realized I couldn't do that, so I had to make hot coffee boy instead! Whitney is... different. I don't know what to think of him, besides the fact that he's great in bed (or beanbag, haha!)

I felt bad because Weg totally lost a lot of his pride while having sex, so I tried to make him pissed off half-way through so he could keep his depth. He's so cute! heehee! He's such a baby! And I apologize for the random mood changes in the sex scene, I was listening to music and romantic piano playing started, which totally ruined the mood! ugh! It's my first sex scene in practically a YEAR so shut up! (unless you have a review for me!)

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Sydchan- OMG! Do you count THIS as a filler!? Hehe! I'm sorry for it being so creeeeepy, but I really got into it! I totally don't know if Marie and Mason are going to be an item... they might be! Maybe... lol. This story is pretty weird for me. The characters are funky! I totally don't know what any of them look like aside from Mason. I LOVE Mason! I may still have Mason totally fuck Weg, but I'm trying not to for Marie's sake! So review cuz you're so awesome and I love you! Heehee!

Kisses For the Dead- And I luff you! I'm so glad to have a new reader! And I will spare your cat! FEEL GRATEFUL! However, if you review again, you could win a free Mexican hottie!

CatseyeRose- I love you! I'm so gld you stuck with me! Yes, Marie and Mason are dysfunctional, but secretly Marie is actually a dude! Lol, just kidding! I wouldn't be THAT random! Hehehehe... or would I? Anyway, the blank letter makes no sense to me either. I have a lot of options as to what it means. Many of them could mean severe plot twists! But I will have some hints to it... Weg's family plays a large part in the letters, if I decide to go with option no. 1! Oh my God! What music should Weg be into?

Metacognition- Your cat is safe... for now! Review again and save a cat! And anger makes it difficult for poor Weg to concentrate! He absolutely has ADD, I swear! The envelope is from satan! He wants to claim Weg's body! Hehehehehe...

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