Immortal Sleep

As I awake from frightening dreams,

I find a sweet relief with you,

Even though you're fast asleep,

I find a life for me that I never knew.

I listen to you breathe in and out,

I take comfort listening to it repeat,

So I try to rejoin you in the dream world,

But I'm stuck in tune with your heartbeat,

It makes me forget that mine is in chains,

Chains binding it from beating anymore,

Your breathing makes me forget I can't age,

But I feel alive like I haven't ever before,

Even as I allow my mind to slip away,

I close my hands around your arm,

Knowing that you will protect me,

Never to let nightmares do me harm,

And, Love, even if I'm immortal,

I promise, I'm still yours to keep,

Do not fear of waking to find me gone,

I'll be with you until you're in eternal sleep,

But even then, I will not be gone,

For without you, I will drive this stake on through,

And though I have no heart to offer,

I willingly give myself to you.