There's no take two

You have one chance

That's right – there is no take two.

As a reader, I would give the writer one chance to sell me his/her story. It's either good or bad. There's no turning back. If I saw that piece a second time, I would not consider if it's improved or not, and give it a second chance.

Would you?

If no, then let's do this right the first time. Let's not give the readers a chance to turn away from your world.

Perhaps, most importantly, you would ask – how would I begin writing a story? Like many, you would have an idea of some sort, but at best it's just an idea. It needs to be developed and somehow moulded into the scaffolds of a story. You need a unique and capturing introduction. Are the characters realistic and likeable? Where is the story set in?


There are already so many questions to be answered. Let's not get to that yet. Let's tackle all these problems one by one, including the different genres and how they affect the feel of your story, what is the right amount of characters to have at one time, techniques to convey your brilliant ideas, and many more.

Let's get started then!

Regardless of the many obstacles in this world, don't lose confidence because someone didn't like what you wrote. Remember, not everyone will agree with you, but not everyone will be against you either. Follow your hearts, and do what you think is right.

In reality, no one can teach anyone to write. I will never attempt to do it either. At best, I will provide some guidance as to what potentially can help you out and what can't, how to approach certain ideas, and tackle some major problems you may have been struggling with.

Author's Notes:

Teaching isn't my side. Preaching isn't either. All I hope for is that others won't repeat the mistakes I've made, and hope their road will be a little easier.

I guess, I attempted to do something like this before, but without planning it turned out pretty empty and much of failure (at least to me). Hence, this time around, I actually mapped out everything I will say, in order, and how I will approach it.

Finally, I do admit that since my non-fiction stats have surprisingly overtaken my fiction parts, I have decided to start another non-fiction entry instead. In business terms, you pause those that don't make profit, and concentrate on those that do.