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"Why?" I asked, "Why not?" he answered.

Chapter 1 : New start, new adventure?

"Hey." Some random guy from Spanish class approached me. "Is this yours?" he holds up a blue binder.

"Yeah, thanks." I smiled. I'm a new student. Maybe first impressions count a lot. So I tend to smile whenever someone helps or introduces themselves. But sadly, the guy just stared at me as if I were some idiot. That's what I think at least.

"Ok…no problem." He finally answered. What was that? 2 minutes till he got to answer back? TELL ME!! What in the world did I do wrong to get this kind of treatment?!

"Okay…See ya around then." I say, wanting to go away before he thinks I'm an insane lunatic. I walk around to find English class and hear the bell ring.

"Oh, there it is." I turn left to find the door.

"Kay!! Kay!! Over here!" my friend, Ashley shouts. I turn to her, pretty much embarrassed.

"Hey, Ash. What's up?" I sit down beside her.

"Well, did you see that cute guy in your Spanish class?" she asks. Oh, no, the cute guy talk again.

"What cute guy?" I seriously start thinking if there really was any cute guy in my Spanish class. Thinking…thinking…

5 minutes later…

Still thinking. Nah, none, nada, zilch, zero. Who in the world is she talking about?

"Oh My Tom! (I know, she doesn't swear to God, she swears to Tom.) You seriously didn't realize Barney?"

"BARNEY?! There's no Barney in my Spanish class." Who would name their son Barney?!

"I KNOW no one's named Barney. It's just my nickname for him. Cuz you see, Barney is a cute purple dinosaur. I think he's cute, so I call him Barney. And I lurrrve Barney, and maybe I could love him!" she says a little bit too quickly.

"Umm…you wanna love him? Who in the world is "him"?"

"Tod, you idiot! TOD!!"

"Tod…Oh, I thought his name was Toad." I said. She glared at me. Her glares are seriously freaky. Tod was ok looking. Not that good, not that bad. I seriously thought his name was Toad. I think it's because of the British accent our Spanish teacher has.

YES!! Isn't it totally weird that our Spanish teacher has a British accent? But anyway…

"Okay, okay, don't freak out." I tried to calm her down. Her glare wasn't going away.

"I can't believe you think his name was Toad. Don't you know the name "Tod" is simply heavenly? I mean, here's the "T" that stands for "trust. Then comes the "O" which stands for "Octopus." Finally comes the "D" which stands for "Dung." It's awesome!!"

"Uhh…"Trust Octopus Dung?"" Hey, for a minute there I thought that name was pretty cool! NOT!

"I know!! Isn't it heavenly?" She asks excitedly.

"Yeah, yeah, sure it is. Whatever you say, Ash." I answer. She giggles. Aw well, I have a feeling it's gonna be a loooong day.