I'll scream for you.


For you!

For you...

For you,
I'll scream!!

Verse 1:

If you lose something,
you search for it?
If you find it,
what do you do?
There'll be more things to lose.

The short life is a long search
and maybe you don't always find it out.


It's not bad if you escape from a rainy day
I'll escape with you where sun shines.


Sometimes your voice can't be listened
that's why I'll scream, I'll scream for you,
so listen to me though I don't say anything.

Verse 2:

How high can you fly
without wings?
If you give up before
answering a simple question,
I don't want to be alone... Do you?

Prechorus: ...
Chorus: ...
Chorus: ...


Is it ok if I scream for you?
I'll show you the future's flame
that burns every thing that hurts you.

Chorus: ...
Prechorus: ...
Chorus: ...