"Stay, I want you near like a shadow in my wake,

Here with me, don't you leave

Stay, stay with me until the day is over."

-Stay, Poets of the Fall


He was here again.

I've been aware of his presence ever since he started to come and sit with me. Even though he never said his name, I knew who it was, and the fact that he cared as much as he claimed to made me happy, even if I couldn't express my emotions. He would talk about school, social events happening on the weekends, and by the end of his speeches, he would tell me to come back soon. Then he would leave, and I would be left, wondering when I would wake up, or if I even would. After every visit, I would will myself to open my eyes, but to no avail.

"Anna," he said, voice quiet, "please wake up, you need to walk across the stage at graduation…"

I hadn't even noticed how the time has passed. Two months has passed since the wreck and I've been asleep since then.

I waited for him to speak again, but he didn't. Assuming that he had left the room, I began my usual wondering why I was still sleeping when, unexpectedly, his hand reached out and held my own. The only source of touch I was used to was my families, mainly my mother, and this was unexpected. His fingers dragged across my hand in a slow, afraid motion, as if he was scared I would break if he touched my hand.

"I love you Anna, I hope you know that," he said quietly, squeezing my hand a little.

What I assumed to be a few minutes passed by and the warmth surrounding my hand left. How unfair is it that I'm not even able to tell him that I'm sorry? I'm sorry for leaving his house because of the fight we had. I'm sorry for starting the fight because I'm too scared to face my own feelings. I'm sorry that he blames himself for this, when it isn't even his fault.

Just open your eyes, I willed my body, Open them.

It was like my body was having an internal conflict with itself as I continually pleaded with myself to just open my eyes. That is all I wanted, to be awake.

The sound of alarmed voices filled my head as another voice, not his however, spoke to me, "Anna, can you hear me?"

"Yes!" I screamed in my mind, hoping, praying that someone would hear me.

He sighed, relieved almost, "Is she waking up?"

"I think she's trying," conceded the doctor. Trying? That was a complete understatement. I was putting my all into this! Why wasn't it working?

Excitedly, he spoke, "Her eyes! They're open!"

They are? I can't see anything…does that mean I'm blind?

"Yes," said the doctor, "But that's merely part of the coma, sometimes patients open their eyes, but it doesn't mean they can comprehend what they see."

Whew. So I'm not blind…what a relief. But wait? Did that mean all my trying was in vain? That I'm not really awake?

"So will she wake up?" he asked, with a tinge of what sounded like disappointment in his voice.

A few seconds…minutes, I had no record of time, came and went as the doctor contemplated his answer, "She's made progress. I would expect to see her awake within a few weeks time."

A few weeks?! I've been lying in this bed for two months! Two months! I want to cry, but I can't even do that!

"Are those tears?"

"Sometimes saline leaks out of the eyes when there is too much," replied the doctor, "Gives the effect of tears. I'll leave you here then."

"Anna, please, wake up," he pleaded, grasping my hand again, "I love you…so much."

Silence ensued and his hand left my own. This time I knew he was gone and there was nothing I could do.

I love you too.

A/N: I know, I said I wouldn't put anything else out, but I just found this and tweaked it a bit. I know really nothing about coma's or the happenings, but I tried to make this as real as possible, though I don't know how successful I was.

Have a great rest of the summer!