It's been a year to this day
Since I stood before your coffin
Read my poem
And stared at that American flag

Tears rolled down my cheeks
And I struggled with the words
As I read
The fateful phrase, "You're my hero."

Soon afterwards, I ran offstage
To the comfort of your sister's arms
Relieved yet heartbroken
As someone read their speech

Then, I couldn't bear
To peel my eyes off the coffin
As it traveled
To that dark shadow of a hearse

Now, a year later
On memorial day, your death date
I sit here
And the emotions return

But I want to write you a memorial
As I shove the past to the back of my mind
You were amazing
More than that, more than I can express

I can't believe it's been a whole year now
Your smiling on me now
From your destination
You're happy now, aren't you? Exactly what I'd want

The tears don't come as soon
I don't have to hold it in anymore
I'm grateful now
I can look back on those days with cheerfulness

I remember the good times
And the rest I'll throw away
Because your memorial
Doesn't hold those kind of things

And now I can finally think back on it with bliss
And realize how both of us have been blessed
You're up there
And I have an example to follow of what strength is

I can't say a lot about what I feel now, not then
I just wanted to offer a tribute
You deserve it
And once again, and always

You're my hero

Is it an appropriate memorial?