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Not Dreaming

Dammit, he wanted to go. Was it so bad that he wanted to go to the summer dance? Halian sighed. Alright, so maybe he wanted to go in a dress. So maybe he wanted to look beautiful, but was that so bad? He hated how he looked. His slight frame, pale skin, and almost delicate features belonged on a girl, not a guy. His hair, a fine medium brown with a good amount of waves and the length to pull them off, did not help his appearance. Unfortunately, in this town, guys were supposed to look like typical guys and girls were to be typically girly. There was no acceptable in-between, there were no 'sissies', no gays.

Fortunately, no one noticed when Halian stared just a little too long at him. No one knew that Halian was gay and had a crush on Ralas. But they did know that Halian liked to look beautiful sometimes. How could they not notice the make-up he occasionally wore? His parents knew, though, that when no one else was looking, he liked to wear dresses, skirts, and other such 'girly' things. Hence why they had forbidden him to go to the summer dance. Because they had assumed, correctly, that he would go dressed in one of his 'foolish stupidities'.

So now here he sat on his windowsill, the night before the big summer ball, sighing like the girl his parents thought he was. All he wanted was to finally tell Ralas. He wouldn't fool himself into thinking that he had the courage to come out to the entire town, but he needed to tell Ralas and pray that Ralas wouldn't laugh at him. That he would not leave Halian to the mercy of the entire town. It just wasn't fair. And to top it all off, his parents had taken his dress and his makeup, everything that he was going to wear to the ball, except his shoes. He had loved that dress, too. Halian had found it on one of his discreet trips to a nearby town, cruising through a thrift store. He had known, right there at that very moment, that that was The Dress. It had been a beautiful black and pale lavender spaghetti strap dress with a lavender tie down the back, like a corset. Most of the dress was black with a stripe of lavender at the top of the chest and some lavender designs on the back. It even had crinoline under it to boost up the skirt for an even better shape. Halian had just enough hips to pull it off. But now it was gone, stuffed somewhere in the house, hidden, or had been burned upon a whim of his parents.

At least Halian still had the shoes. The damn shoes that had taken the rest of his allowance but were now useless. They had matched the dress perfectly, a strappy black shoe with just enough heel to boost him up but not enough that he couldn't walk in them. Now here Halian was, moping again because he couldn't go, couldn't see Ralas in his formal wear, and couldn't tell him how Halian felt about him. It just wasn't fair.

Suddenly he felt a tingling going through his whole body and a flash of near blinding white light. Halian couldn't take it and closed his eyes, but when he opened them something was wrong. There was a fairy there. Or well, a guy with wings on his arms, a sparkly light blue dress, a mask on his face, and white hair. So he was a fairy, in more ways than one… Words deserted Halian.

"Aren't you going to say something? I am here for you, you know," said the strangely flaming man.

"Who are you? No, no, wait, answer this first: what are you?" Halian asked, confusion and irritation mixing together. He was fine moping to himself over his lost chance, no one needed to intrude on that.

"I'm your fairy godfather, silly. I'm here to help you go to the dance, duh. By the way my name is Tyrei," the fairy, Tyrei, said. "Now, what to do about your outfit? We certainly can't have you going as you are, now can we?"

Halian stared. He couldn't help it. This was so far past his imagination that what he was seeing almost didn't register. Then a million questions struck him, leaving his mouth so fast even Halian himself had trouble picking them out. "Fairy Godfather? Isn't it supposed to be a Fairy Godmother? And you're here to help me get to the summer dance? That's tomorrow. Why me? Why not some pretty little girl pining away to kiss her true love? Isn't that what fairy godmothers, pardon me, fairy godfathers are for?"

"Ok, whoa there, Tiger,"

"Halian, my name is Halian…" interrupted Halian.

"Right, Halian. Well then Halian, first of all I am your Fairy Godfather, not your Fairy Godmother. That's a whole different job. Fairy Godfathers are for little gay boys, like you, who need a little help getting the guy. No need to get indignant," Tyrei said, eyeing Halian's doubtful expression. "And as to your other question… wait a minute, did you say that the dance was tomorrow? Darnit! I could have sworn that it was tonight…"

Halian contemplated all that Tyrei said as Tyrei trailed off into muttering about his poor timing. Was this guy for real? A Fairy Godmother except for gay boys. Maybe through all his pining, Halian had gone crazy.

Well, if it meant that, for a moment, Halian could have a chance to dance with Ralas, Halian would go along with it. "Ok, I'm in. What are you going to do? Do you use magic? And what are you going to do, since the dance is tomorrow?"

Tyrei snapped out of muttering, looking at Halian with bright eyes and an even brighter smile. "Well, I'm really only supposed to help you for one night, part of the job description and all, so I'll make you a dress and poof up some makeup, give you some hairclips and hairspray, oh! And a corsage! You must have a corsage. And we really can't forget the shoes. Where would you be without shoes? Why nowhere, of course! You certainly can't woo your Prince Charming in bare feet."

"I have shoes. My parents didn't take them. They're right there," Halian said as he pointed to the strappy black shoes, huddled in a front corner of his closet. "We have to use them. I'm putting that requirement on you. I want to use those shoes. After all they cost me and what I went through, I better use them. And what do you mean you can only help me for one night?"

Tyrei stared at him a little blankly. Clearly he was not used to being given restrictions, Halian thought with a bit of smugness. "Ooookkkaaayy then." Tyrei started, quickly regaining his composure. "Hmm, they're not bad. Could be better but I can certainly work with them." At this point Tyrei cracked his knuckles and smiled in a way that made Halian nervous. "Are there any other preferences you have?" Tyrei sent Halian a slanted look at this, blatantly ignoring the last of Halian's questions.

"Well, no, not really. Whatever you think is best," replied Halian, somewhat cowed by Tyrei's boisterous personality and seemingly unending energy.

"Shall we get started then? It has to have black in it to go with your shoes but I think that a pale blue would complement your skin and hair wonderfully. As for make up…" Tyrei continued on, barely pausing for breath and seemingly oblivious to the fact that Halian was giving him blank stares. It was all a lot for Halian to take in but he was determined. This was his chance to laugh at his parents and all the close-minded jerks of his town. Halian was going to the summer dance. But there was only one question left…

"How am I going to get there? I can't exactly travel in an oversized pumpkin pulled by anthropomorphic rodents now, can I?"

This was it. Here he was. Halian stood just beyond the area of the ball watching the people dancing in the moonlight. Everybody was feeling warm and bright, enjoying the atmosphere of the night.

Halian smiled and looked back upon his ride. The sleek black Mustang was driven by a male friend of Tyrei who was much less flaming and a bit more masculine that the bubbly fairy. The man winked, waved and drove off, giving Halian the signal that meant he'd be back at the proper time, but he was off to have his own fun. Halian didn't want to know…

Watching the car drive off, Halian's smile turned bittersweet as he thought of his goodbye with Tyrei. The beautiful man had cried a bit, sniffing and wiping at his eyes and mussed makeup.

"You're all set now. Go get your man, Hali. He won't be able to resist you." Tyrei hugged him tightly and Halian squeezed back, already saddened that his time with Tyrei was over. He looked over the dress that sat on a dress figure in the corner. It was still a spaghetti strap dress, like his old one, but the main color was a pale sky blue with black rose patterns around the top of the bodice, the midsection seam and the bottom hem. A stringy blue rope corded through black-rimmed holes in the back. It even had crinoline under the skirt to bolster the bottom.

It looked gorgeous and Halian marveled at how good he looked in it with his hair curled and pulled in a hair clip and just the right amount of makeup to accentuate his features without overwhelming them. He felt beautiful and ready to face Ralas.

But Tyrei's parting words came back to him. "Be careful, Hali, the magic will only last until Midnight tomorrow. I may be a fairy godfather but I am governed by much the same the rules as those damned magical grannies."

"Will I see you again?" Halian asked, unwilling to let his new friend go.

"Of course you will, Sweetie. I wouldn't let you go for anything. Now go get him, Tiger," Tyrei said with a soft smile.

Halian had replied with the old joke, "My name is Halian."

Again a bittersweet feeling suffused Halian. He would miss Tyrei, but the fairy had promised that they would meet again, so Halian took strength from that. Now all he had to do was approach Ralas. Easier said than done.

Taking a deep breath, Halian started walking towards the crowd. He knew the moment when people saw him. Their heads turned and some of them even paused in their dancing to stare at him. Halian's nervousness grew. What if they recognized him? What would they do? A million other questions raced through Halian's head as he got closer and closer to the crowd.

Relief filled him as Halian realized that they did not realize who the beautiful girl in the pale blue was. And relief turned to amazement as Ralas walked towards him with a gentle smile on his face. Ralas, of course, looked stunning in his white tuxedo. The cut of the suit accentuated his frame nicely and the color made the midnight black of his hair stand out beautifully.

"May I have this dance, my lady?" Ralas said once he had reached Halian.

For a few moments all Halian could do was stare. This surely could not be real. But then again if fairy godmothers and godfathers could be real along with magical dresses and cars and escorts… well, maybe this could actually be happening. A soft chuckle broke him out of his thoughts as Halian realized that Ralas was still waiting for a reply. "O-of course," Halian said, looking up through his lashes at his crush.

Ralas took his hand and led him to the dance floor, grasping Halian's other hand once they had reached it. The music started up again and people resumed their dancing. Halian was in a dream as he danced, his attention only for the boy who had held his affections for so long.

"Are you new here? I don't believe I've seen you before. I know I would have remembered someone as beautiful as you," asked Ralas with a wink.

Halian's heart started beating out of his chest. Now was his chance to tell Ralas who he was and how he felt. But just as suddenly Halian realized that he couldn't do it. The whole time Halian had planned on coming to the ball as himself, dancing with Ralas and telling his secret to the person who mattered most. The implications of it had never really crossed Halian's mind. There were too many people around, too many people to over hear, and what if Ralas was disgusted, what if Ralas hated him? Halian had always dreamed of things going perfectly and had neglected to think of the consequences should things go wrong. That was why he could not tell Ralas.

"Yes, I'm new. I just came to town to visit a few relatives, but when I heard about the summer dance, I simply could not resist." Halian answered. He prayed fervently the Ralas would believe him, would leave him alone.

His prayers were not answered.

"Oh? Who are your relatives? I know almost everyone in this town and I'm sure I would have heard of your arrival," pressed Ralas. Darnit, why couldn't he just leave it alone?

"Well, they live on the outskirts of town and don't really come in much. They're also a bit anti-social. I try to convince them to talk to people more, but what can I do? I'm sure you know what stubborn relatives are like…" Halian lied. He was scrambling to come up with a plausible excuse but he had the feeling that he was failing. Please, please, please, leave it alone, Ralas!

"Right. I hope you succeed then in getting them to come into town. I'm sure that they'd get along fine with everyone here, especially if they are related to you," Ralas winked. Fortunately he seemed to leave it at that and Halian breathed a deep internal sigh of relief.

After that the night passed quickly. Halian danced with a few other people, but Ralas monopolized his time, dancing with him over and over again, always with a mysterious smile on his face. Halian wondered what it was about but was too far lost to his waking dream to seriously think about it.

He was knocked out of his dream, though, when the town clock struck midnight. It was always five minutes fast, so Halian knew he had very little time to extricate himself before his cover was blown. "Oh, I must go," Halian looked around almost frantically, searching for a way through the crowds, but Ralas still held his hand.

"What are you, some kind of Cinderella? It's only midnight, stay a little longer, won't you?" smiled Ralas.

If only you knew, thought Halian with a sad smile. "No, no, nothing like that. My relatives are just overprotective and I really must be going…" Halian rushed out, knowing that his time was rapidly fading. He gave Ralas one last bittersweet smile that contained all his emotions and turned and fled, almost pushing the crowd aside to get back to his ride. As he ran, though, he heard a snap come from his foot and muttered a curse as the shoe fell off. But he had to keep going. Just as his dress and makeup began to fade, Halian reached the car. His ride was waiting impatiently for him and already Halian could begin to see through it. "Step on it," he panted and jumped in the car. Now he only needed to make it home.

As the Mustang pulled off into the distance, Ralas looked on with bright eyes. He walked over to the forgotten shoe and lazily bent down to pick it up. His eyes sparkled with amusement in the moonlight and his fingers tightened on the shoe. Carefully Ralas tucked the shoe into a pocket and strolled back to the dance as if nothing had happened.

The next day word had already spread throughout the whole town of the mysterious girl in blue. Halian groaned as he listened to his parents talking about 'her'. Why couldn't they just forget it? Why did everyone have to keep talking and talking and talking about it? The only silver lining on this was that no one had recognized him, thank god.

So far today Halian had hidden in his room, too afraid that if he left it his anonymity would be gone. But right now, Halian didn't really mind. He was plenty content to mope and wallow in his embarrassment by himself, thank you very much. Distantly he heard a knock on the door downstairs, but Halian ignored it. Probably just another person come to talk about the mystery girl… Pfft.

"Halian, there's a guest here to see you!" Halian heard his mother yell, the confusion clear in her voice. When did he ever have guests? Reluctantly Halian trudged down the stairs; he did not appreciate being disturbed from his wallowing. The sight at the bottom of the stairs stopped Halian mid-step. Ralas stood there, smiling in a way that nearly melted Halian's heart. What was he doing here? Dread suddenly filled Halian. He knew. Ralas knew.

Timidly Halian descended the remaining stairs and stood by Ralas. "Can I help you?"

Ralas just smiled again and pulled something out of his jacket pocket. "I believe this belongs to you." He whispered. Halian gasped. It was his broken shoe. Ralas had it, had picked it up, was here to return it.

"You know? I mean, you knew. How?" Halian spoke so softly he could barely hear it himself. He looked down at his hands, wringing his fingers nervously when he felt gentle fingers on his chin.

"I knew it was you from the moment you stepped into the light. I'd recognize you no matter what you wore, though I must say you did look stunning in the dress," Ralas murmured.

Halian was flustered, glad that his parents has left to give them some privacy. How? Why? Why would Ralas say that? Why hadn't Ralas told everyone? The questions just kept springing up in Halian's mind. "Wha-What do you mean? Why would you…" He trailed off, too embarrassed and unsure to continue.

"Because I watch you, too." Ralas leaned down and placed the gentlest of kisses upon Halian's lips.

And this time Halian knew he wasn't dreaming.