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You Hafta Crack a Few Eggs

Ralas grumbled as he stared at the empty pan in front of him. Why couldn't he do this? Seriously, he was half fairy. one of the top students in his class and he couldn't make breakfast-in-bed for his boyfriend. Currently, he was stuck on the omelet. The toast was in the toaster, jam on the counter, plates with silverware sitting on the desk-top table. But the omelet? Sandly lacking. In fact, not even started. Ralas sighed. Perhaps he should try something else. Though he felt guilty. Halian loved omelets, especially with cheese and tomatoes and onions and peppers and… dammit, he forgot the bacon. A noise from behind him turned Ralas' head. He smiled as he saw Halian sleepily walking into the kitchen and rubbing his eyes to remove the sleepies.

"Morning," he said.

"Nrrr, morning," replied Halian, who stumbled over to Ralas and peered over his shoulder. "What are you trying to make?"

"An omelet," And dammit, he wasn't blushing. He so was not embarrassed over the fact that he couldn't even make a simple breakfast for his boyfriend.

And now Halian was sniggering at him. "Well, that would require eggs. You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelets, Ral."

"I know, but I suck at cracking eggs. I always mess up and spill the egss everywhere." Ralas pouted.

With a small smile, Halian reached out for and egg and held it over the pan. "Here, let me help you." Then he pecked Ralas on the cheek and flawlessly, one-handedly, cracked the egg into the pan.

Damn him.


Tyrei was bouncing around the room. This wasn't unusual. It was more what Tyrei was doing that was out of the ordinary. A large computer screen was resting in a corner of the room displaying lolita type characters with overly happy faces...dancing back and forth accompanied by high pitched squealing and techno beats. Of course Tyrei was mimicking the movements, flapping his hands by his ears and shalking his hips back and forth. For a moments, Delivan was caught up in the shaking of the hips. Then he recovered his sanity. "Nu ar vi har med Caramelldansen!!" Tyrei sang out, not even noticing that Delivan had returned. And the more he thought about it, the more Delivan decided that he really, really did not want to know.