Could this be the moment?

Can it be time for me to move onto something better?

I dare not hold my breath, for fear of turning blue

But there's something here I have not felt for many, many, moons.

I laugh at how natural this feels

How it feels like I'm talking to an old friend

One that knows me and all the facets of my soul

I am shocked most of all

For the first time in a long time

I'm not talking to a little girl trapped in a woman's body

But a woman my age, plain and simple.

I stopped counting the hours on the phone

Until the power was sapped from it

We spoke of old cartoons and 80's sitcoms

Wrestling and somehow, my past managed to find its way back

The devil in those polka-dot "fuck me" heels came calling for me again

But you handled it, you handled me, with all the care and kindness you could muster

I am so grateful for that.

I am definitely at a crossroads

Do I go here or look back?

Do I search for other souls within an internet dating sea?

Or do I try to repair things with someone who is more than just a cashier?

I am left exhausted in thought

Yet excited by you

You called me cute

And I could feel the warmth of my heart returning from a long winter.