Chain of Unfortunate Events

"So you're telling me, Ms. Freeman, that you accidentally injured a football player, vandalized school property, and pantsed a student?" The principal raised an eyebrow at me.

I merely nodded my head.

He raised it higher.

I started to whimper. "I swear it was all an accident," I tried my hardest to defend myself.

He raised his eyebrow so high that it practically hid in his hairline.

Okay, so you're probably thinking how can someone actually do all that by accident? Well, it's true. I didn't mean to do it, it just happened. Yeah I know what you're thinking but it surprised me too. Let's backtrack to this morning so maybe you would understand my situation better.

- - -

It started like any other morning. It was a beautiful Monday with the sun shining, a few clouds, and pretty warm for November. I was feeling pretty good today so I put on my favorite shirt and pair of jeans and left my hair down in chestnut colored curls that reached my mid-back. I even put on some eyeliner around my green eyes, when usually I just settle for some lip gloss.

When I arrived at school and parked my car, I met up with my best friend, Kelly Johanson. Okay, practically my only friend.

"Megan!" She called. I turned to her and waved. Kelly was a great person, she really was. We have been best friends since freshman year, and I really couldn't ask for a better friend. We walked into school together laughing and talking and catching up about the day's events, taking no notice to the cat fights here and couples making out there. Ah high school, what can I say? As seniors, we only have one more year to finish before we graduate! Yeah, I'm so excited to finally leave this hell hole.

So anyway, onto what happened. Well, I was walking to first period without a care in the world when it hit me.

No, I mean it in the most literal way, it actually hit me. One of the biggest trophies in the display case fell on my head. Now you're probably wondering how can it just fall on my head? Well when I pantsed the Junior trying to put up a banner he fell off the ladder he was on and it crashed into the trophy case, broke the glass and knocked one down. What's that you say? Why did I pants a poor, defenseless Junior? Well when I punched the football player, I think his name is Devon Mitchell, in the gut and he tried to hold on to me, and I tried regaining my balance by holding onto the poor Junior's pants. Alright you're probably still confused as to why I punched a FOOTBALL player. That was an accident too, I swear. I didn't actually punch him, I just accidentally rammed my fist into his stomach while I was trying to turn around really quickly and run. Okay, you're probably fed up by now. What was it that made me so surprised that I had to run and cause this chain of unfortunate events you ask? It was because I saw him.

Adrian Matthews stood about four feet away from me. I could recognize his blue eyes from anywhere. His black shaggy hair was still the same. To think I once loved running my hands through it. I just stared at him, blinking about a hundred times, trying to make sure that the boy I saw in front of me was really him. It took about a moment or two to get over the initial shock. What was he doing here? The bastard was supposed to be thousands of miles away from me at boarding school. That's when I made the really stupid decision to turn around unexpectedly and fling my arm into the football player's stomach. The really big and scary looking football player I might add. I gulped.

- - -

I didn't think my day could get much worse. That was of course until I found myself sitting in the principal's office across the very bald and pudgy man.

"We don't tolerate violence and vandalism at this school Ms. Freeman," Principal Bailey said sternly.

I was practically trembling in my seat. I can't believe this was happening to me. I was a good student, straight A's, perfect attendance record and proper behavior. Well, I guess not the latter anymore after what happened today. I was here sitting in the principal's office when I should be sitting in my first period class, taking notes like the good little girl I am. I can't believe my luck. I was just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come smashing through the window and say: "You have just been Punk'd" but unfortunately for me, the moment never came.

"It's in my ability to suspend or even expel a student for such behavior," he went on.

I held my breath. Suspension? Expulsion? I had dreams; I wanted to get into Harvard, Princeton, or Yale. I was afraid to even get a detention and ruin my chances.

"But I understand that this behaviour is unlike you, so I have decided on a different punishment." I let out my breath. "You will serve a Saturday detention for the next four weeks and for it to not go on your permanent record you will help out with the basketball team after school for the rest of the season during their practices."

My jaw dropped into my lap. That was supposed to be fair? It was an accident! A freak accident! Why can't they just let it go? I've learned my lesson; I definitely won't go around doing that again. I had the urge to just lash out to the principal and demand a more fair punishment. I hardly think I deserved it but then I had a feeling that it would only make matters worse so I gripped the armrests as hard as I could and muttered "Yes, Sir."

"Good, now hurry on to class."

I stood up, grabbed my bag and practically ran out of the office. Great, I completely missed first period. And I had thought my day couldn't get any worse after punching Devon Mitchell. If he got too injured and couldn't play, I'm sure I would be the most hated girl in the school.

At lunch time, I stood in the cafeteria of Collingfield High School looking for Kelly. Being fairly tall at about 5"8, it didn't take me long before I spotted her petite figure and curly dirty blonde hair. I made my way over to the table she was sitting at, dropped my lunch tray rather harshly, and watched as she looked looked up startled. My green eyes connected with her honey brown ones and she instantly knew something was wrong.

"Megan, what's wrong?" Kelly asked worriedly as I sat down quietly.

"Principal Bailey gave me FOUR Saturday detentions AND I have to help with the senior basketball team!"

Her jaw dropped just as low as mine did when I found out. "What for?"

"Violence and vandalism." She gave me a questioning look, so I went on. "I accidentally punched a student, and pantsed another student, and then broke the trophy case."

"Oh my god, that was you!" She was in hysterics now.

"Shut up! It's not funny, it was completely by accident."

She raised her eyebrow just as high as the principal did. "How could you do ALL that by accident?"

So I explained in full detail the events of this morning and when I was finished she started laughing hysterically again. Tell me again why I said she was the best friend I could ask for?

When she finally calmed down she started talking again. "So wait, what made you so surprised?" I paled. Oh yes, with the whole thing in the principal's office I completely forgot about Adrian Matthews. Okay, so now you're probably very curious as to whom he is right? Well it's simple, he's a bastard. You see, Adrian and I had some history. I had grown up with him since our moms were the best of friends. We had gotten along so well, and we became best friends. And then when we were fourteen, we actually started to date. He was my first boyfriend, my first kiss and I actually thought that I had loved him. Now what went wrong that made me absolutely hate him?

He left. Without even telling me. For weeks I hadn't seen him and I was starting to get very worried. Then I found out from my mom that he had left for boarding school. She gave me a questioning look and said "I thought you knew." Oh, I would have thought that if my boyfriend was going all the way to England to go to boarding school in freshman year and I wouldn't be seeing him for ten months that I would have gotten some type of warning too. Apparently not. I never wanted to ever see him again, and I even went to volleyball camp in the summers to completely avoid him when he came home for vacation.

I was mad, I was furious, but even more I was heartbroken. I had spent half my freshman year crying at random places. People who saw me probably thought I was an emotional mess, and I guess I actually was. It was one time in freshman year that I was crying under a tree at lunch that I had met Kelly. She had seen me crying and came to ask me what was wrong. I didn't know her at the time, and frankly I didn't want to know her. I didn't want people coming into my life only to back stab me in the end. So you can say I had a bit of a trust issue, but you have got to understand that I was going through an emotional time, and I was a pretty emotional girl. I gotta to say, I might have came off a bit rude to Kelly. She was nothing but nice to me and I was nothing but rude to her. But she never gave up on me and I guess that's why I ended up being such good friends with her. She helped me through my emotional time and I started to open up to her more and we have been friends since.

However even though she had seen me crying that day, she never really found out why I had been. Yes I feel guilty for never telling her, but I just wasn't ready. And it hasn't come up since. And she and everyone else probably wouldn't think it's that big a deal since I couldn't have loved him that much. "You are too young," they would say but they're wrong. Okay I know, I'm making excuses. So I guess now would be a great time to tell my best friend of three years the only secret I haven't told her. Well, it was just on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't say it. Great so how do I tell Kelly about Adrian without actually telling her? A lie of course.

"Well, I was so surprised because, uh..." She raised her eyebrow. What's with everyone doing that today? Jeez. "I realized I forgot my Chemistry book in my locker and I was going to be late... so I ran back to my locker to get it and that's when I hit him." I finished lamely. Hopefully she would believe that, right?

"I thought you had Chemistry next semester." Shit.

"Did I say Chemistry? I meant... Biology." She gave me a questioning look but didn't press it. Phew.

The warning bell for next period sounded and I hurriedly ran to my locker. I stopped though when I felt nails dig into my skin. I turned around to find Ella Thompson holding on to my wrist. She was your average dyed blonde skank of the school, who slept her way up the social ladder. I tried to avoid her and her clique as much as I could and there were rarely times when I would have the misfortune to run into her. It was a shame that she just had to show up today when I was already having a bad day. I looked past her shoulder and saw her two followers. One blonde, and one with black hair. Maggie Fletcher and Trisha Tedesco. They were just as bad as Ella.

"What do you want, Ella?" I said very irritated. She glared at me.

"How dare you punch Devon, you better watch yourself you little slut." She gave a little growl that I think she used to intimidate me, and when I showed no interest in her little threat, she spun on her heel and walked away, her little minions followed her.

Okay, now I'm certain my day can't get any worse. Then the bell rang and I was officially late for class. Alright I take that back.

After school I went to serve my punishment. I stepped into the gym and was surrounded by about twelve sweaty guys dribbling an orange ball around. I don't hate basketball. I really don't, I actually liked it at one point but now I hold a grudge against it because it's his favorite sport. I know pretty immature, but whatever. I'll just stick to volleyball.

I finally spotted the coach on the other side of the gym. I shoved my way through the sweaty boys running around and was almost there when a basketball hit me in the head. That's the second time today I got hit in the head and I was starting to get pretty irritated.

"Sorry about that," the guy called.

I picked up the ball and turned around to throw it back at him. "It's alri-"

I dropped the ball. It was him. Just my luck.

I again just gaped at Adrian, and he was apparently surprised to see me too. What's he doing here? He can't possibly be on the team, I thought today would have been his first day here.

So I did exactly what I did this morning, I quickly turned around and tried to run. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson by now to not do that again. Oh well, at least this time all I did was elbow a guy.

"Megan!" Adrian called after me. Oh shit he remembers me too and he even has the balls to actually want to talk to me. I didn't stop though; I kept running until I reached the coach.

"There you are!" Coach Garrison said brightly when he saw me. I noticed the wide smile on his face. Well good, at least the coach isn't too bad. "Megan Freeman right?"

I nodded.

"Alright now I can start practice. Go pick up any balls lying around and then put all of them back in the equipment room. Here's the key," he said while handing it to me. I smiled and walked away to do what was asked.

While in the equipment room I was listening to coach talk to his team. "I finally found a good replacement for Randy who's out with a broken arm." He started. "I would like to introduce to you the newest member of the team; Adrian Matthews." Oh great, I swear I felt like using the key Coach gave me to stab myself. "He just transferred here from a school in England." Yeah unfortunately. "He's also my nephew."

Back in the gym everyone heard a big crash coming from the equipment room.

NEPHEW?! The nice Coach is actually related to that bastard?

"Um, Megan?" I heard the Coach say. "Are you alright?"

I stumbled out of the equipment room and smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, sorry about that."

"It's alright. Come here so I can introduce you to the team too." I walked up beside him and tried to distance myself away from Adrian. It was quite difficult when Coach pulled me closer and made me stand right beside Adrian. I could hear him breathing; it made my heart beat a bit faster. "This is Megan Freeman she will be assisting the basketball team for the season." Good, he didn't tell them the reason. I smiled at him and to distract myself from Adrian I turned my gaze onto the team. I recognized some of them, the popular jocks of the school everyone has heard of. I gulped when I saw Devon Mitchell. What do you know; he was a basketball player as well as a football player.

- - -

I was glad when basketball practice was finally over. I got hit in the ass with a basketball every time I would bend down to pick equipment up. All I wanted to do was go home as quick as possible and collapse on my bed and maybe take a nap. But of course, luck was not on my side today and I ran into Adrian on my way out of the school.

"Megan!" he called after me. I was contemplating between jumping behind the bush or throwing my shoe at him to escape a confrontation , but he grabbed my wrist before I could carry on with either one of my plans.

I tried prying my hand away. It didn't work.

I tried shoving him away from me. It didn't work.

I tried kicking him in the shin. Score.

"Fuck!" He cursed. "Megan come on, just talk to me."

"No." Shit that's talking to him isn't it?

"Megan, please just let me explain." He pleaded.

I glared at him. "Forget it, Matthews. That explanation is three years overdue." And with that I spun on my heel and hurried to my car, completely missing the hurt look in his icy blue eyes.

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