A/N: Random drabble. No form, no meaning, no real train of thought. Don't judge me. If you do you'll be burnt to death by a mutant jalapeno pepper so do you really want to risk it?

You have so much to say, so many tales to tell. But time lets you down doesn't it dah-ling and you're left disappointed once again. Well I'm here now sweet cheeks so where would you like to start?

The beginning is always good I hear, but let's be original shall we? Sometimes the past is too painful to discuss, even for us non humans. So we'll skip that part, just for now.

Let's talk about the present, how you are feeling now. You're hard to read; most people try but fail epically. I'm different. I can read you like a book.

You're scared aren't you. Scared of what others think, scared of what others feel, scared of what I feel. You're insecure. I get it. If I looked like you did I'd be insecure, hell I'd kill myself. But maybe I'm a tad dramatic...

You were dramatic one time. You used to take pride in your reactions to things. Your zeal and passion for life infected others. You were happy. Happy once...

But you've forgotten what that's like now haven't you hun. It's a damn shame.

You used to be such a good friend. Mediator. Always there to help. But there are only so many hugs you can give before your soul dies and the act of friendship doesn't mean a thing. Am I right dear?

You changed.

Something turned you into a cynical bitter twisted little bitch and the sad thing is, you don't even have a clue what it was do you...

All I know is, I am the same. And here is where it gets real, here's the truth, the real dirty little secret. I blame you. I blame you for mistake. You single-handedly ruined everything I believed in, everything I love. That includes you sweetheart.

But this isn't about me, it's about you babe, as always. You're self centred and vain but it's not your fault. You look in the mirror and see what you wanna see. But you can't hide the truth forever koibito.

You know I'm there. You don't like to see me, I know, but I'm there and I always will be. I'm hiding beneath that hideous white skin of yours. I see what you see through those dull blue eyes of yours. I'm in your mind under that horrifically coloured hair of yours.

I'm you and you know it...

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