Ribbons of violet, ruby, and emerald green dance before her eyes…it would be beautiful if it just didn't hurt so much, although even that was fading now. She was aware of noises screeching tires, metal twisting, angry shouts, terrified pleas - but they sounded distant, as though she had cotton balls stuffed in her ears that she couldn't take out. She struggles to make sense of it all, but the sounds blur together and all she can see are the lovely twisting colors…she smells smoke, gasoline, sweat. Through the haze, she picks out her mother's voice.

Please, no! She is just a child!

Mommy? She was vaguely aware that her eyes have been closed the whole time. She focuses on her mother's pleading voice and fights to open her eyes. Though her vision is blurred, she realizes she was still strapped into the backseat of her mother's Camry. Her face felt wet and there was a red streak on the half-open window to her left where she must have hit her head. Her mother wasn't in the car.

No! Please, I haven't heard from him in years! I swear, we don't have it, please just let us go, we don't know anything!

Her mother was outside the car. She finally manages to unbuckle the seatbelt, and reaches for the door handle. It doesn't open. She remembers something hitting the car, and realizes that her door is lodged against something. She crawls over to the other side of the car, opens the door and starts to get out. She feels dizzy and a little sick from the pain. Her foot catches on the seatbelt and she loses her balance, falling out. With a violent crack, her head hits the pavement first, her limp body following after. With the last of her will, she raises her searching eyes and finds her mother. She is on her knees, tears streaming from her closed eyes. A man dressed in black holds a gun to her head. Her mother opens her eyes and locks them onto her daughters. She hears a loud bang. Everything goes black.