Feeling hurt, angry, and bitter she shuts down her computer and looks over at her roommate, disgusted tears leaking over her cheeks. "Im going for a walk."

The roommate glances up from the television, hardly noticing how upset her friend is. "Where?"

"I dont know." She leaves without a backward glance, grabbing her keys and phone, hurrying down the four flights of stairs as fast as she can without risking a fall. A few seconds later and she's out of the building. She offers empty, fake smiles to her passerbys, croaking out a hollow 'hello' to those she knows. She heads through the campus parking lot, head down to avoid the reflected feigned smiles sent back at her. Hardly knowing where she is going, her pace slows with her heart rate, calming down only slightly. She crosses the street without even looking up, no longer caring about much of anything. When she next looked up, she is at the entrance to a wild flower garden in the nearby park. It looked more like the woods in the backyard of her home than a garden, but it looked quiet, solemn. Most of all, it looked deserted.

She started down the overgrown path, barely registering the plaques with flower names and descriptions next to each plant. The path was a maze, with choices of direction every few yards. The girl kept walking, not knowing where her path was headed. She came to a small statue of a man, arms in the air, as though he was giving up everything in that one, solidified moment. There was a rock directly opposite of the statue, and she sat down on it quietly, looking around for an explanation of why this little man might be there. Finding none, she just looked at the man for a few moments. Hearing a noise, she glanced up and spotted a tiny clearing in the woods, only a few yards wide, with a great tree in the middle. There was a bench on the edge, facing the tree. Sitting down, she felt a tug at her heart. Breaking down she began to pray to the Lord she had forgotten. She asked Him to help her through this, to forgive her for trying to solve everything the way she wanted to. She asked for Him to turn her pain to joy, her anger to peace, her bitterness to acceptance. She asked for the words and strength to forgive, to forget. She begged for her own forgiveness in everything she had been doing, thinking, feeling.

Thirty minutes later, she found herself calm, serene. She smiles up at the great tree in front of her as though it could be her God, and says thanks. She asks him for a guide, something or someone to help her through everything, to help her do what was right, and not what she thought was right.

Hearing a soft whisper above her, she looked up. A hawk sailed just overhead, underneath the canopy of the trees surrounding her. It landed on the bough of a tree maybe a dozen yards away. The sight of it calmed her, healed whatever part of her had yet to be healed by her prayer. It cocked its head, almost as though looking at her. The girl stood quietly, and, as though she were floating, glided closer to the magnificent creature, looking up at it in awe. She had never seen such a bird so close in the wild before. Almost as though they were connected, they gazed at each other, or so it seemed. Then the hawk took flight, and glided away in the direction of the park.

Alone again, the girl slowly walked back towards the park in the same direction as the bird of prey. She left the wildflower forest behind and saw in front of her a beautiful rose garden, rows of bright, almost glowing flowers. She saw several high school students nearby, taking pictures for their photography class. Choosing a row, she began to walk down it. She came to a small field with a tall monument at the other end. Striding over to it, she saw that it was a great gold angel atop a stone tower. She smiled to herself and continued on, stopping once more at a small rock, no more than two feet wide. There was a plaque imbedded in it, with a prayer asking for the strength to offer others small kindnesses so that one soul may brighten a dozen other's days.

Finally feeling at peace with the power to forgive, she started back towards the campus...