Throughout the night

Throughout the night

I lay awake, watching the ceiling


Of distant lightning

Stream through the


Of the window blinds

The faint sound of far-off rolling thunder

The only sound disturbing my thoughts

Once again I find I

Cannot sleep

I can hardly remember the last time

That I was able to sleep in


With no dreams, no worries

I stare at the ceiling

Watch a lonely spider find its way


In the depths of my closet

I watch unmoving, deceptive shadows

Cast from some forgotten light

I listen hard to the echo of the recent storm

Trying to hear unspoken words


When I listen hard enough I hear things

The whispers of the stars

The murmurs of His voice spoken through Creation


The replies to my desperate prayers

Late into the night I lay awake

Thinking of

Life, of


I listen to the wind


The raindrops ending their fall

Through the peace of the quieting night

I can think of only one thing