The rain pours down on my face.

I throw back head and taste the rain.

It tastes like life.

It fills my mouth.

It trickles my tongue.

It quenches my thirst.


I run into the open.

I spin,

My arms stretched out,

My mouth open wide,

My soul soaring.

I feel as if I am flying.


I run.

I twist, turn, and kick,

I dance.

My heart is set on fire.


I take a moment to hear the song.

That's blaring in my ears.

I listen to rhythm, the beat; the words.

I sing along with them.

I praise the Lord,

Screaming his praise into the air.


I stop and laugh.

I let loose my hair.

I sing, I laugh I dance.

I am free.

I just went outside and played in the rain. It never felt so good! I was so, free. I had so much fun. Slipping and sliding in the mud too! I've never had so much fun. Please review. I'll return the favor!