This World

Too good

You're too good

Too perfect

Too amazingly perfect

For any one

You're better than us all

Is that why I love you?

Is that why I want you?

You've been my best friend forever

I love you

Not just as a lover but as a friend

Almost like a brother

I would do anything for you

My beautiful friend

You have an open heart

When you smile

The world gets brighter

No one can compare

Yet your too good

Too good for anyone

Let alone me

But you like me

You love me as a friend

Maybe more?

What should I do?

Go with you?

Risk hurting you?

You're so good

I couldn't stand to see you hurt

What do I do?

What do I say?

Is it worth risking?

So many questions

Flying around my head

Like moths around a light

Smashing into each other

Spiraling out of control

Crashing to the ground

You're too good

Why would you pick me?