A/N: This is a one-shot, which means, no, I will not be making it into a story. Sorry.

Stalkers Like Bandanas

It was bad enough that I had a guy like Justin for a neighbor. But he just had to mow his lawn without a shirt on, didn't he? With all those toned, tanned, and tasty muscles glistening with sweat in the evening sun, it was hard for me not to watch him from my window. Even if he was an asshole, he was still gorgeous, and it was impossible not to find him irresistible. I might not have liked Justin's personality, but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate his body. I despised him for treating me like shit, yes, but I couldn't hate him completely because of his beautiful icy gray eyes and unkempt, dark brown hair that was just begging me to run my fingers through it. Oh! And his smirk! Justin's smirk could freeze the fires of hell and melt the hearts of every girl in school...even some guys'.

Including mine.

"Ugh, you're so disgusting," my sister said from behind me. "You're practically stalking him."

"Shut up, Sabrina!" I snapped at her, throwing and empty soda can at her head. "Go hug a tree or save a seal or something—just get the hell out of my room!"

"Touchy, touchy," Sabrina mocked, sneering at me. "I see I've hit a nerve. Aww, does little Daniel want to be left alone while he watches our ever-so-straight neighbor?"

"Get out!" I hissed, glaring at her, but she didn't budge.

"You know he's not going to start magically liking you just because you watch him and follow him. It's creepy. Daniel, you're a freak."

"Out!!" I roared, pushing her out of the door and slamming it in her face. I heard my twin huff angrily before stomping away (probably to go find something to recycle). Really, she's the biggest tree hugger I've ever met.

Shaking my head at the thought of Sabrina hugging trees (which she would totally do), I went back over to my window. I didn't care what Miss I'm-going-to-save-the-Rainforest said. I was not a stalker! So what if I watched Justin while he mowed the lawn every Saturday evening? No big deal. And yeah, I might also stop by the store he worked at more than necessary. And I might know what classes he was in, his favorite color, his birthday, and the type of shampoo he used, but that did NOT make me a stalker... Or did it? I'd check the internet. It had yet to fail me when I was in desperate need of an answer.

I ran a hand through my blue and white emo-cut hair (yes, I am oh-so-emo), and sighed. Justin wasn't out in his yard anymore. While my sister had so annoyingly distracted me, he'd gone in and I hadn't even noticed the absence of the sound of the mower. Yeah, I could be a little out of it at times, but this was a bit unreal. Stupid brunette, where did he run off to? Hmm... Maybe he'd gone to the bathroom and would be right back. Or maybe he was on the phone. Or maybe—

"DANIEL!!" my mother called from downstairs. "GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!"

Oh great, what did I supposedly do now? Tch. It was probably just Sabrina blaming global warming on me...again. Or maybe I actually did something wrong. It was a possibility. I mean, I did forget to do things once in a while. Like my homework... and my chores... and—


"I'M COMING!!" I shouted, practically scrambling out of my bedroom. "Jesus Christ. What crawled up her ass?"

I ran down the stairs, nearly killing myself in the process, jumping the last three steps. Voices were coming from the living room, so I made my way into there. My sister passed me in the hallway and gave me a sweet smile. I gawked at her with my mouth opened slightly, most likely looking like an idiot. Sabrina never smiled at me...unless she was mocking me or knew something I didn't. But I didn't have time to sit around and think about what it meant, when my mom was waiting for me. If she had to call me for a third time, she would be even more irritated with me than she already was. So, I just told the little voice in my head that was telling me to run back to my room to shut up, and went into the living room.

For the second time today, I gawked like an idiot at the scene before me. My mother was sitting in the living with none other than Mister I'm-too-sexy-for-my-shirt-when-I-mow-the-lawn, talking about something that probably was unimportant. Unfortunately, my mother wasn't the first one to see me enter the room. Justin's cold gray eyes looked up at me, and his trademark smirk appeared on his lips. Two things crossed my mind when I saw him.

One, kick him.

Two, kiss him.

Damn you, Justin Bailey. Damn you!

"Hello Daniel," he said, his good manners obviously fake. I think I was the only one who caught it, though. My mother was too busy glaring at me once she noticed I had entered the room.

"Justin's parents have invited us to dinner," she said, looking me over with apparent distaste at my choice of clothing. "Isn't that nice of them?"

"Totally." I gave her my most sarcastic smile, causing her to narrow her eyes at me.

"Why don't you go upstairs and change?" She suggested, her voice trying to be polite but failing miserably.

I gave her my 'oh please, you're joking, right?' look before rolling my eyes. There wasn't anything wrong with my purple 'love' shirt or my dark-washed skinny jeans. She just had a problem with me wearing chick clothes. She said that they made me look like a homosexual. Well, I have some news for her...

"Daniel, I said go change," my mother repeated.

"Um, Miss Reyes, we don't have time for him to change," Justin told her sincerely, his eyes flickering to me then back at my mom. "My mom always has dinner ready by six."

My mother looked down at her watch and gasped. "Well then, we better leave right now. Just let me go find Sabrina." She got up the couch and left the living room leaving me alone with Justin. Thanks mom. Thanks a lot.

I tried to avoid looking at him, but it was kind of hard when I could feel him staring at me, making no attempt to hide it. And even though I couldn't see him, I knew he was still smirking. I could hear it. It made me so aggravated that I forgot about my resolve of not looking at him, and narrowed my eyes at him.

"What?" I growled.

Justin seemed amused by my snappish attitude. "Oh, nothing," he said, and it totally a lie.

I was about to say something snotty back, but my mother and sister walked in and Justin stood up. Sabrina was looking at me smugly from behind my mother, who was still a little ticked off about my outfit. I pretended like I hadn't noticed either of them and made my way back out into the hallway. They were following me, but I refused to look back at them, and I was actually thinking about making a break for it so I wouldn't have to go. But my mom was extra being extra ornery today, and I was pretty sure that it had a lot to do with the fact that she was embarrassed of me dressed in girl clothes in front of the neighbors. Yeah, apparently my lack of normalcy made her look like her parenting skills sucked. So, instead of high tailing it to my room, I decided that I would go to Justin's house without a fight.

But that didn't mean I wasn't going to be a little bitch. Hehehe.

Knowing it would annoy my mother to no end, I skipped across the yard in the most flamboyant way I could. I swear that I could hear her gnashing her teeth together, and it only encouraged me. I continued to skip all the way over to Justin's house, but that asshole just had to show off, didn't he? Yeah, Hotshot had to ruin my moment by jogging to his front door before I skipped there. I gave him my best 'I hope you die painfully' glare as my sister and mother walked into his house after him. I lingered on his porch, pouting and not moving just to be difficult. He tapped his foot impatiently as he held the door open for me, but I was too busy being a pain. Hey, that was what he got for being a show-offy jerk.

"Are you going to come in or what?" he asked me, and I hated him for a moment. His voice was all smooth and pretty like always, but that I'm-too-good-to-hold-the-door-for-you tone peeved me to no end. Like I said, though, I only hated him for a moment.

"Are you going to stop acting like you're the hottest thing to walk this planet?" I didn't give him time to answer. After all, that's the whole point of rhetorical questions! "Because I can tell you right now that you aren't."

"Whatever." Justin rolled his eyes, and let the door shut in my face.

I smirked and opened the door for myself. I followed the sound of voices, ending up in a dining room where my mother, sister, Justin, his father, and his mother were already sitting down. I stared at the only empty chair with disdain. It was next to Justin...Did I smell a conspiracy?

"Daniel, why did you tell Justin that you didn't want to come in?" my mother asked me, trying not to yell at me in front of Justin's parents.

I blinked and looked at her blankly before realizing that Justin had told her that just to be an ass... again. I sent him a quick glare then looked back at my mother with a sweet smile, and I batted my eyelashes just for good measure.

"There was a pretty butterfly that I wanted to admire," I said in my most sugary and gay voice. "But it flew away so I decided to come in," I added with a pout before sitting down. I noticed that Mr. Bailey was giving me a strange look and I knew it was because of my clothes, hair, and the way I was acting. But I pretended like I hadn't seen it and focused on the food on the table.

We were having spaghetti. I loved spaghetti. Like, seriously. I would freaking marry spaghetti, but that would be weird. Even for me. Back to the point, though—spaghetti was my favorite food. I sensed another conspiracy.

"So, Daniel, Justin's told me that you two are in the same grade?" Mrs. Bailey asked me for conversation sake.

I shot a look at the boy on my right before smiling at her. "Yes, that's right," I said, adding silently, What else has he told you? Because I'm sure he forgot to mention the fact that he's publicly humiliated me on several occasions.

"He's also told me that you're into singing." She smiled. I looked over at Justin, hiding my surprise when I saw him blushing. Wow, jerk-face actually paid attention to someone other than himself.

Conspiracy. Conspiracy. CONSPIRACY!!

"I'm in the school choir. No big deal." I shrugged, taking a bite of spaghetti. It was good, but I made better. Conceited much? Yes, I think so.

"Sabrina, what are your interests?" Mrs. Bailey turned to my sister, and I inwardly groaned. Here we go.

"I'm an environmentalist," Sabrina told her happily, almost boasting. "Next weekend I'm protesting the use of human cosmetics on animals."

"Sounds…interesting," Justin's mother commented.

"Not really," Justin and I muttered simultaneously. Our eyes met and we glared at each other for a moment before looking in the opposite direction, haughtily.

"Justin," My mother began, and I mentally prepared myself for the worst. "Do you play any sports?" Okay, not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

"Yeah." Justin nodded. "I play football."

I barely managed to cover up my snort by turning it into a cough. Of course he played football! The world wouldn't freaking turn if the most popular guy in school didn't play football. And we can't get anymore cliché than that, folks. In fact, life is just a big ball of cliché. Ugh, so annoying...

"What about you, Daniel?" Mr. Bailey addressed me for the first time. And, oh my god, he was trying not to look at me like I was the plague. How very thoughtful of him.

"To play sports you need muscles, stamina, and stupidity." I sighed dramatically. "Unfortunately, I lack all three."

"Daniel!" My mother hissed at me from across the table. I gave her my innocent look, and she scowled at me before going back to her food.

The only sounds that were made for a while were the sounds of forks scrapping plates or someone chewing a bit too loudly. But when my sister cleared her throat, all noise stopped and everyone's attention turned to her. Sabrina smiled and looked at Justin.

"How are you and Anna doing?" she asked, and her eyes shot to me for a second, a smirk on her lips, before she looked back at Justin curiously.

Okay, Anna was Justin's girlfriend. My opinion of her was pretty simply:


Ahem...Of course I had my reasons. The most important one being that she was dating Justin!! Ugh! Life sucked...Wait, why was pretty-boy-jerk-face so quiet all of a sudden?

"Uhh... We broke up about a week ago," Justin mumbled.


Everyone looked at me with expressions that pretty much told me they thought I was insane. I laughed nervously.

"Sorry...I thought I saw a spider on the wall..." I told them.

Mr. Bailey and Mrs. Bailey seemed to have been the only ones stupid enough to have believed me. My mother, Sabrina and Justin, however, were still looking at me suspiciously, but they stopped when Mrs. Bailey asked me another question.

"Daniel, do you have a girlfriend?"

I temporarily thought about saying I didn't swing that way, but I realized it was a bad idea. Coming out to my mother like that would probably make her lose what little patience she had left. And I'm sure that Mr. Bailey wouldn't appreciate it very much either. That guy practically screamed 'homophobe!'. I didn't want to deal with him. So, I just gave a small smile and said, "Nope! I'm not seeing anyone at the moment." I don't know why, but I shot a look at Justin as I said the last part of the sentence. Oh, wait...I know why I did it. Teehee.

My sister snorted into her drink, but nobody noticed except Justin and me. My mother and Justin's parents began making small talk and I didn't even pretend I was listening. There were two reasons why. One, I didn't care what they were talking about. And two, Justin had stepped on my foot. I know he did it purposely too. His smirk was plastered on his face as he pretended to listen to our parents. What a jerk! I glared at him from the corner of my eye and stomped on his foot. And VICTORY!! Hotshot winced before narrowing his eyes at me. I smirked at him, but I stopped when I felt pain erupt from my shin. That jerk! Oh, he was just asking for it now, wasn't he? Well, since he was asking nicely...

"OW!" Justin yelped after I kicked him back as hard as I could. I smirked smugly, laughing evilly to myself inside my mind.


"Justin, what happened?" Mrs. Bailey asked, looking at her son with concern.

He shook his at her but I don't miss the cold look he shot at me. "I just bit my tongue."

"Oh," his mother said before turning back to the conversation. I restrained from rolling my eyes. What? No, 'are you okay, sweetie'? Aww, poor Justin. Hehe.

Dinner rolled on. I was silent. Justin was silent. But we were still kicking each other from under the table.


Oh my god. We're freaking playing hardcore footsies!!


I paused when I came to this realization and ended up getting kicked harder than before. With a sharp intake of breath, I fell off the chair and landed on the floor clutching my leg. I was not being melodramatic. My leg really, really hurt.

Sniffle, sniffle.

"Daniel what are you doing?" I heard my mother ask. There was no concern in her voice, or sympathy. It was just plain annoyed.

"I'm practicing stop, drop, and roll," I told her before I began rolling around on Justin's dinning room floor just to prove my point. And I swear, Justin was laughing at me. That asshole!

My mother rolled her eyes. I didn't see her, but I know that she did it. My mother is so predictable like that. "Get up and stop being melodramatic."

I sigh...melodramatically, and get back up in my seat. I didn't know why were still sitting at the table. Everyone finished eating about ten minutes ago. Couldn't I just go home now? I mean, I wasn't doing anything except getting physically abused by Justin and all of his jerkiness...

Jerkiness? Hmm, reminded me of beef jerky.

Anyway. There was no reason for me to have been here. What was the point of just sitting at a table next to my enemy/crush-thing if I was just going to get ignored by everyone?

….there wasn't one.

"Mom, I'm going up to my room," Justin said suddenly, and pushed his chair out and stood up.

"Okay." His mother didn't even look at him. Wow.

Justin started to walk away but stopped and turned around to look at me. Oh crap, what was he thinking? Was I going to die? Probably. Oh, woe was me! I would like to leave my goldfish to my best friend (even though I didn't have a gold fish...Or a best friend for that matter). And to my mother and sister, I leave...NOTHING!! In your faces, you snotty, evil, witc—

"Are you coming?" he asked me, and I blinked stupidly. Then his words sunk in and I didn't care that I was probably walking to my doom, I just wanted to get away from the table. I nodded my head and stood up, following him through the hallways. I looked at the pictures hanging on the walls of him when he was little. Eight-year-old Justin was adorable. Unfortunately for King Jerk, I'd never to admit to that. Even if I was being tortured by a group of sadistic, bipolar squirrels I wouldn't admit it. Not even is a starving monkey was—

"Halo 3 or Guitar Hero?"

"Huh?" I asked as I shook myself mentally.

Justin looked at me like I was a complete idiot. "What video game do you wanna play?"

"I don't play video games. They kill brain cells," I told him as I looked around his room. It was messy. Hmm...maybe I could manage smuggling something of his back home with me? Nah, better not chance dying.

"Freak," he muttered before sitting down in front of his TV to indulge in Halo 3.

I rolled my eyes at him. "Jerk."

"Oh, nice one," he said sarcastically.

"I know."


I sat down next to him in hopes of pissing him off. And it worked! His whole body tensed up and he shot a look at me, those gray eyes as cold as ever. I refrained from smirking, and took another look around his room. My eyes landed on a bandana that he wears like a headband, like some sort of ninja or something. He wears that at least once every week. Heck, he loves that bandana. It was gray, like his eyes, and makes his hair stand out in odd angles when he wears it. I didn't care that I might get caught, I wanted that bandana and I would have it.

"Don't even think about, " Justin said from next to me. At first, I thought he was taking to the video game, but then I saw that he was looking at me. Wait... what did I do?

"Don't think about what?" I asked innocently, and he scoffed.

"You were going to steal my bandana."

My eyes widened as I looked at him. Did he have psychic powers or something? Oh my god! Maybe he's telepathic. Shit!

"Oh, don't look so surprised," Justin said. "I saw the way you were staring at it."

"And just because I was looking at it makes you think that I want to steal it?" I asked, irritated.

"Please." He rolled his beautiful eyes at me. "I know you're obsessed with me." I blanched as he continued, "You're not exactly Mission Impossible stealthy, Daniel."

"I—I have no idea what you're talking about!" I tried to sound like I really was clueless, but even I could tell that I failed.

"Mhm, right." Justin smirked at me. "I've saw you watching me today while I was mowing the lawn. I see you watching me every time I mow the lawn." He leaned closer to me. "I've also seen you staring at me at school. I know you follow me to work sometimes..." He leaned closer. "And I know that you like me."

His face was a centimeter from mine and I was finding it hard to breathe. I could feel my face flush as I stared into his gray eyes and he stared back. I couldn't move. I couldn't talk.

"Daniel," he said, and his breath hit my lips, "you do like me, right?"

"I, uh—I..." I tried to speak but I only managed to stutter.

Justin pulled back and sighed, shaking his head slightly. I stared at him as he went back to his video game like nothing even happened.

What the hell was that? I swear to God that Justin Bailey just almost kissed me. No way! No way! No way! But wait...he knew I had been stalking—I mean, watching him, and he hadn't done anything about it? Did that mean he...? No, of course not. Justin was just being a jerk, leading me on like that when he'd probably just kick my ass in school on Monday. Oh joy.


Oh, goodie! I scrambled up from Justin's bedroom floor and flew downstairs. Never in my life have I loved my mother as much as I loved her at that moment. I would have hugged her and told her that, but she would've probably thought that I needed to see a doctor and drive me to the hospital. Sigh. My mom. Mommy. Thank you. Thank you ever so much for saving me from the evil jerk-asshole-jock. I would never be able to repay you.

I smiled at my mother when I met her out on the front porch. She gave me a weird look, but didn't say anything as we walked across the grass back to our house. Once inside, I headed straight to my room and threw myself down on my bed. For some reason, it was up against the window that happens to be directly across from Justin's bedroom window. Hmm, I wondered how that happened. Hehehe... I don't know.

There was a flickering light coming from Justin's room because of his TV. But it stopped as his ceiling light came on. I watched for a while, seeing him walk across his room a couple of times. I didn't know what he was doing, and I knew I should've gotten away from the window because he already knew that I watched him; I didn't need him to catch me again, but I couldn't pull myself away. And even if I had, it would have been too late anyway, because a moment after I lost sight of him in his room, he appeared in the window. I cursed mentally because it was obvious he saw me since he was staring straight at me, smiling.

Wait... smiling?

Oh my god. He wasn't smirking. He was smiling. Ahh! It was so pretty! But aww! He was pulling his curtains shut. Damn it! Sigh (again). At least he was smiling—actually smiling—while he was doing at it. I could sleep happily now.


It was Monday and I wasn't in the greatest mood. I had gone a whole day yesterday without seeing Justin. Of course, it hadn't been willingly. My mother and sister had dragged me to the mall for the entire day and I had made them pay by being a huffy, picky brat. Whenever they asked me if I liked something I would roll my eyes. It really annoyed my mother, but she deserved it since she kept me away from my Justin. Well, she kept me from watching him.

But today was a new day! Justin would be at school and I would be able to see him then. Well, at least I hoped I did. I mean, I wasn't exactly sure what Justin's feelings were about me being his stalker.

And yes, I admit it. I was a stalker. Screw you.

I walked to my locker to get my books, and opened it. My jaw literately dropped when I saw what was hanging down from the hook in it. I gaped at the gray bandana, not really believing it was there. I reached my hand out to touch it to see if it was. And yup! It was real all right. Oh! There was a note attached to it, too! I wondered what it said.

Be at the movies at eight on Friday.

Or I'll kill you.


I squealed like a little girl as I clutched the bandana to my chest, jumping up and down. People gave me weird looks, but I just stuck my tongue out at them before slamming my locker shut. I turned around, and there was Justin leaning up against the lockers, down the hall a bit, smirking at me. I grinned at him, still hugging his bandana, and he rolled his eyes at me and started walking down the hall. But that was fine, since I'd seen the smile he sent back at me before he turned away.

Oh, happy, happy day!


And who said that being a stalker never paid off?