Tsubasa Henshi: Vaireto's Story

Tsubasa Henshi: Vaireto's Story

By Haruhi Aikawa (pen name)

Chapter 1


If any of you out there have a dream, say it. Most people would choose fame, fortune, or a soul mate. A lot of people would probably choose flying as well.

Now, let's try this question:

How many of you think it is possible to fly?

Anime/manga fanatics would say you could fly if you found some sort of magical amulet or 'a secret within.' I, as an individual would say that it is impossible, even on my planet, unless you're the kind with wings.1 But, some organisms can fly, however. Birds, bats, butterflies, flying squirrels, and other animals equivalent in nature are able to fly.

However, that is only a person's opinion. I soon found out that 'you don't have to be a fish to swim.'

Let's start when it all started, January 7th, 2008.


I rolled out of bed from the shock. Visions of my dream clouded my head as I stumbled to turn off my clock. "I had that dream again. Today might suck," I told myself groggily. "Now, what time is it?"

10:00 AM

"Crap! I'm late! Auditions start in 15 minutes!" I did the math quickly in my head. It takes 10 minutes to get there by foot. So you mean only t minus 5minutes to get changed!?

As far as I knew, the only outfit I had to wear was a pink frilly tank top and jean shorts. Yep, very suitable for a rainy winter day. Not.

Anyway, my name is Vaireto Akiumi, written as violet red sea. I'm 16 years old and my parents died when I was 10. If you're wondering what my dream was this morning, it was the memory of the day when they died. On that day, I came to school unsure and then I got called to the office. According to the police, it was a murder and they still can't find the culprit who killed the king and queen.

Yep, I'm the princess, next in line to the throne when I get married. My older brother, Yuki, is currently taking over because he's of age, 25.

So, I guess that your bored already, right? I'll get back to the story.

"Ahhh! So cold! I'll bring my jacket," I went to grab my jacket and ran.

"Bye, Yuki-'nii-kun! I'm going to auditions!" I ran out. "Wait! Don't you wanna take the...car?" I slammed the door as he was talking.

"Hmm, she ran out. What is she auditioning for anyways?" Yuki asked.


"Finally! Sandstone Studios!" I outburst to myself a lot, just to let you know.

"Finally, you're here. Akiumi-chan. Your number's last," the front desk lady said.

"Really? Thank God," I sighed in relief. I took a seat waiting for the person before my to finish.

Wow, this really was a huge place. Nice room, too.

"Number 27!" I heard the intercom say. I stood up and walked into the studio. And, this was the very beginning of my life changing. I met her.

"Hi, Akiumi-sama, I've always wanted to meet the princess," Yume Kakazu said. Yume Kakazu is my number one idol. She's a famous singer, sot to mention pretty too. She's only twenty!

"Oh, um, it's a pleasure to meet you too, Kakazu-san. I've wanted to meet you since you started!" I went on.

"Please, call me Yume. I'll call you Vaireto-san, okay?" Yume smiled. I have permission to call her Yume now? I was wrong, today is not gonna suck!

"Okay, so let's move on. I have a couple questions, and then you may perform. First, well, we already went through names, so I need to know your birthday, age, ambitions for singing and what genre of music you like," Yume finished so I could speak. Was this niceness something she did for all the girls who auditioned?

"Umm, okay, I was born on May 5th and I'm 16. I want to sing because having a 'princess' title isn't important. I want to gain fame the old fashioned way. Oh, and I like J-pop and rock," I was kinda winging it. The answers where honest, but I wasn't prepared.

"Hmm, nice, okay, give me your CD, and the karaoke should start in a minute," Yume said.

I heard the drums first, then the bass kicked in, a tambourine and finally, the guitar. As soon as I heard that note, I started singing.

This song didn't have much of a tune to sing in, but I still liked it very much. I stayed with the beat and kept my eyes out the window. As my song was ending, I took a look at Yume. Her face was pale white, her mouth was dropped, and her eyes widened.

"Yume-san, I'm done. Should I leave?" I asked. Did that mean she liked it or not? Probably not, since I missed one note.

She gulped, and then she sighed. Happily or relieved that I was done? "Vaireto-sama, I don't know how to say this," she scratched her hair nervously. I knew already what the answer would be.

"Umm," she started to blush a bit. Out with it already, I wanted to scream.

"THAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST FANTASTIC PERFORMANCES TODAY!!" Yume ran up and hugged me. I was that good? Could you please let go of me, your squishing my arms against my ribs. And what's with the squealing fan girl noises?

"I loved it! All the other contestants got an 8 or lower, but you get a 10!" Yume squealed.

"And, what's more, is that I'll be your new manager! I'm so excited!" Yume finally let me go.

"Okay, bye bye!" Yume said and picked up her things. Your letting me go after all that?


Anyway, I was walking home 5 minutes later after getting some hot coffee. And, I tried taking a different route home since I had some time to spare.

The woods.

I have been there a couple times, and I feel quite at ease there. It would probably be a nice place to recover from Yume's 'clutch of death.'

So, as I was walking, I had a peculiar feeling. I couldn't tell if it was nausea, happiness, sadness, but it felt heart-warming, nostalgic in some way. Then, I saw it.

It was a mere light towards the end of the path. I felt my body literally pulling me towards it. So, I ran.

Sweat trickled down my forehead and my eyes widened in anxiety. Dang, this path was long, but I still, somehow, kept my pace.

At last, I reached my destination. It wasn't what I expected.

The being that changed my life forever.

Yume Kakazu.

Looking dead, surrounded by glitter and a strange purple light.

What did I just get myself into?


Yay! Make it known that this chapter was finished on July 30th! Just 7 months since I've thought of this idea. I'm only 13, are these words too big for me?

Here's the story:

1They're not on planet earth. They're on a planet called (I can't figure it out yet!). It's a planet where each person's family has a different type of animal attribute, such as ears and tails. Yume is a butterfly (Vaireto said you can fly if you're the kind with wings.)

Vaireto is often mistaken as a Peredotian, because of her cat ears and tail.

Peredotions are a species where they all just have cat ears and tails. The majority of the hair color is black or dark brown.

However, it should be noted that these two planets are in war. WWWWWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYY much more about the Peredotions in the third chapter and up.

And, if you wanna know what Vaireto looks like, she has long black hair which she often ties in a ponytail. She has green eyes and is about 5'6 and weighs 110.

Yume has short purple hair and purple-blue eyes.

Well, that's it!

-Haruhi Aikawa