The snow falls in sleets
It gathers at our feet
Rallying an incumbent force unreckoned-
A battle our innocence beckoned

These cycles before me,
They come and they go-
A symmetrical landscape
From cast-iron window

I slush through the mire,
I slash through the din
At work, at school, or about-
Any place that I'm in

As downhill we flock
We do loosen our loads-
Letting go of the path
To discover the road

There is no comparing,
There is only, just,
What you feel in your heart-
What you feel that you must

At some point we will wonder,
After walking so long,
How we came to be whistling
A new kind of song

From millions of splashes
Through stilled pound of rain;
A fought for belief
Will be found inbetween

So take just a moment
To wander the course
All around, we see nothing,
But, hey- we've seen worse

Published: 3/12/09