Grimace, embrace
The loss of your face
The thin of your skin
All over the place

Now, see me do magic,
Now see me despise-
Every time you walk by
In your flimsy disguise-
The cruel flash of eyes
The smooth flow of lies
That bursts from the ties
Behind all of your tries

As life's lessons links lightning,
So do you mistake
What flies by, perusing
In your stormy wake,
As a feat of your own,
Like the life that you make-
So hellbent on reality,
So unwittingly fake

-Wait, let me keep going,
I love to debunk
The myth of your mystery
The figments you've thunk

This world, so unknown,
Is not fit for your kind
Your snail-like seclusion
From an all-seeing mind
Has you sounding ugly
To me, behind blinds
Doomed to refine
Previously-defined lines
A march through blank pages- that's my storyline
No plot, just an end that is always on time
Not smart, just hell-bent on completing a rhyme
No part in a picture, nor reason to shine
A bottomless pit in a boarded-up mine
A figment, a flash, and then the next line
A semblance to you, there, was not my design

But as I keep going, the words make less sense
They fall oh-so-short of relinking the fence
A passion of poetry, a need to repent
Alone in my thinking, I am my defense

So lost without meaning
So longing to part
But poems about me
Always end with a start

Published: 3/12/09
A/N: Seriously, I'm manic-depressive bipolar schizophrenic, I'm sure. With a tinge of megalomania. Or maybe I'm just an optimistic, depressed narcissist. Who cares. It sucks either way lol.